Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Day After

This post is looking back at Monday August 25th, the day after M's surgery.

This is what I saw first thing on Monday morning after Magnus' surgery:
They couldn't remove his breathing tube just yet because they had to take him for an MRI to make sure they had resected all of the tumor that they thought they had. Andy and I had slept in a room in the Ronald McDonald House on Sunday night and once my head hit that pillow, I literally did not budge until my alarm went off at 7 AM. Because the stress of the surgery from the day before was gone, I was a little giddy and silly on Monday morning. I was so happy to see my boy.

This is one of our favorite PICU nurses and doctors, Erin and Kristin. They were so funny and immediately felt like old friends. After M had his MRI, they were ready to get him extubated and wake him up.

Steve, the respirator therapist came in the remove the breathing tube. It was so interesting to watch (although it would have been better to see it on someone other than my own child...)

I loved watching everyone work on my baby. They just  all spoke to him very calmly and explained what they were doing right before they did it. It was all very smooth and coordinated. They removed his catheter, several IV's, his breathing tube, and some other wires and junk that I have no idea what they're used for.

 Shortly after everything was out, Magnus let out a big cough and slowly opened his eyes. I was right by his bedside and he looked up at me and whispered in his scratchy voice, "Where's your ipad? Can I play it?" I had to laugh at this because gratefully the last thing the kid remembered was playing my ipad in the ER, before any of this traumatizing stuff had happened to him. The doctors had told me he wouldn't remember any of it, but I was skeptical. And then I was relieved when I realized that they were right.

My grandma Darlene was the first one to come and see him. He smiled at her and waved goodbye when she left.

Just a little out of it.

Mag couldn't seem to get comfortable and was rolling and moving all over the place. It made me so nervous, I didn't know if he was supposed to be moving around like that. I finally started rubbing his back and singing to him and then he finally settled down.

He had so many visitors.

Uncle Travis

Grandma Claudia

Papa Rowley (okay, so this is actually our dear friend Paul's dad, but he's like a Papa)

Aunt Suzanne

Cutest little toes ever

After spending more than half of the day in the PICU, around 5 PM the doctors decided Magnus was ready to graduate to the Neuroscience Trauma Unit (NTU). Right after we got settled in our new room, Rachel  arrived with the rest of our kiddos.

Auntie Rachel

A little smile
 Magnus had a little trouble with vomiting, a fever, and keeping his oxygen levels up that evening. He was limited to clear liquids which he had no interest in.

Later that night Grandma and Grandpa Collette came by (and brought me Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.... they're the best!)

Magnus hated this cannula. He wore it for awhile and then absolutely refused to wear it any longer.

Papa Bry and Gma Claudia came by that night as well. 

 Look at my sweet daddy watching over my baby while he sleeps. I sure love him.

Magnus was flipping out over his IV. So the nurse wrapped it up. Andy felt left out and wrapped up his head. Twinners. 

Andy kept trying to play with Magnus. It was pretty hilarious. Magnus was just so tired and pretty out of it for most of the day/night.  That sure didn't keep Andy from trying.

Overall, I'd say the day was pretty darn great. I just kept feeling this overwhelming happiness that the surgery was over. I don't think I had realized how incredibly worried I had been the day before until I felt as light as air the next day. It was so nice to talk to M and see his eyes and watch him smile. 
I love love love that baby boy of mine.

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Amber Kei said...

You have so much great support! How amazing. I love that you could get that verified that he wouldn't remember all the trauma - what a blessing for you as his mama. He's got you for a mom for a reason.