Sunday, May 10, 2015

Disney Vacation Part 2

Wednesday morning bright and early we were up and ready to hit the park! At breakfast time I was feeling a little queasy, but I had just started taking a medication that can have that side effect so I didn't think anything of it and just tried to ignore my unsettled stomach. We walked to the park and decided to go to Disneyland first. It was SO great to be there with my family! Having older kids this time around just made it that much more fun. And Magnus was excited about everything. It was great.

Since my kids are all so big now, we could all go on nearly everything. And Magnus is a little daredevil, so he was happy to try anything right along with us. He went on all the roller coasters that he was tall enough for and loved every second. 

Sadly, he wasn't quite tall enough for Indiana, so my dad stayed out with him and we rode. It is one of my absolute favorites. Sigh. I just love Disneyland. 

My kids don't care too much about the characters now that they are older, but I still think it's fun to interact with them. Any time we saw any characters and the line wasn't too long, I made my kids take a photo. As you'll see in a few photos, some of the weren't too happy with me after awhile. 
M fell asleep while we were in Indiana Jones, so Andy rigged up a contraption to help him from falling out of the stroller. 

We took a break at the Golden Horseshoe and ate lunch and watched the hilarious comedy show. I guess I am getting old if I like to watch the shows now...
Shortly after lunch we decided to head over to California Adventure. We went right to the Tower of Terror. While we were waiting in line I started feeling more and more sick. I decided to head back to the hotel and lie down for awhile. I took Magnus with me and I thought that 3/4 mile walk would never end.  By the time we got back I felt awful and finally decided that I must be sick. Almost our whole family had gotten a stomach bug the week before and apparently I had picked it up too. Perfect timing, right? Luckily Magnus played my ipad and let me sleep for 3 hours. I know, I know, I am an awesome mom. But seriously, what else was the poor kid going to do? As soon as I woke up is when the yuckiness started and it lasted for about 12 hours.
While we were gone, the rest of the family was still having a blast.
Poor me. Sick on vacation.

Andy texted me and asked how I was feeling and this is the photo I sent back to him.
They all came back to the hotel around 8 and just brought some pizza for dinner. After the kids ate they headed down to the pool to swim for a couple hours. They were going to go back to the park but all of the adults were too tired to take them, so we had an early-ish night and everyone went to bed. I was up all night with the pukes, but luckily I am a quiet puker, haha.
The next morning I felt immensely better, but still just weak and tired, you know how it is after a stomach bug. I didn't feel up to walking all over the place quit yet. My wonderful sister Kaylie (bless her) took the older 4 kids to the park to go on all of the big kid rides while we took our time getting ready. Then my mom took Magnus to FantasyLand to go on all of the fun kiddie rides.  My sweet, thoughtful, amazing daddy had the great idea to rent an electric scooter chair for me so I could come and not feel ill and exhausted all day. It was pretty much the best thing ever. I was so self-conscience at first but after riding it around for a bit I was so grateful for it. It was a lifesaver and I was so glad that I could come and watch my kid having fun, even if I didn't really feel well enough to go on too many rides. 

We braved the Cars line and Magnus sat on my lap for a lot of the time. He tried to drive my scooter into the people in front of us and they were not amused. It was two older Asian gentlemen and one of them kept glaring at me for the remainder of the time we were in line together. Awkward...

After the ride I felt slightly ill, so we headed to Bug's Life Land with the two little boys. Kaylie and the older kids were still off somewhere doing their own thing.

We watched a fun parade and ate Disney treats, what else?
Magnus loved waving to all of the characters. I may have gotten a little teary seeing him so excited. Sigh.... what has become of me?

We went to meet up with Kaylie and the other kids and found out Jonah had gotten lost and was missing. I went back to where they had been (because there was a little Toy Story Soldier show going on an I figured he may have stopped to watch and not realized that everyone had left) and I saw him running over a bridge looking around frantically. I called his name and the relief on his face was obvious. He even held my hand on the way back to the others. I loved it. Get lost more often, kid.
After that Jonah said he wasn't feeling well (oh no!) so Andy took him back to the hotel to rest. We went on more rides and ate more treats and finally around dinner time Andy and Jonah headed back because Jo was feeling better. Yay! 

We had a late dinner and my parents took off somewhere to spend time together. Meanwhile, Andy and I and our kids plus Kaylie decided to stay until the park closed. We went on s many rides as we could!

We finally wore M out and my parents came and got him from us and headed back to the hotel. 
Me and my super awesome scooter!

I was feeling so much better at this point and it was SO much fun to just be crazy with my kids (and Kaylie... because we are pretty darn crazy together.) and we could not stop laughing all night.
These photos crack me up. We went on Space Mountain and the boys just happened to get in the front seats for the second time that day. Andy and I made them switch with us so we could be in the front. Check out the photos below to see how clearly happy and Andy and I are and how UNhappy the boys are. Hahaha!

The rest of the night was just perfect. So much fun and I was just so relieved to be feeling better. We stayed until literally everything was closed. We got back to the hotel after midnight an went straight to bed! Our second day in Dsney was definitely my favorite.

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