Sunday, May 10, 2015

Disneyland Vacation Part 3

On our last day at Disney, Friday, we were up early again to make the most of our day. Jonah wasn't feeling well again so Andy stayed with him at the hotel in the morning. We headed to California Adventure and spent half the day there.

Kaylie always makes the best faces for photos. Oh, how I love this hilarious sis of mine!

We went on Screamin' twice in a row because the line was so short and that was not the best idea for me. I definitely felt nauseous afterwards. Sad. No ride ever used to make me sick to my stomach.

Andy and Jonah joined us around lunch time. This sweet worker sat and talked to us and offered to take our photo.

Yay! More character meet meet and greets! Haha. Poor Magnus, he missed out on these ones too.... sleeping again!

I thought it hilarious that Laylah and I are making the exact same face in these two photos without the other knowing. Like mother like daughter...
We spent a lot of the day eating treats, watching several of the fun shows and parades, and just spending time together. It was a chill day and just fun. We also let the kids shop for a souvenier. 

Cars Land! One of my favorites.

Silly souveniers! Jewelry for the girls, a hat for Jonah, and toys for the two little boys.

We had been trying to make it to Fantasia every night we were there. I have such amazing memories of the very first time I saw Fantasia. I was 6 years old and it is really my first memories of Disneyland. I remember sitting on my daddy's shoulders and watching the Disney magic unfolding before my very eyes. I was absolutely amazed at the magic, the wonder, and the sheer excitement I felt is something I will never forget. That's when I became hooked on Disney. I love how they never do anything halfway. They always go above and beyond. I wanted my kids to see that and feel that. It is such a wonderful part of childhood.
We had gotten fast passes so we had really good seats. The problem is, we had to be there 30 minutes before the show started. Within 10 minutes all of the kids had fallen asleep on the ground. Oh well.

Andy went and got a bunch of treats to keep us occupied. Behold, the famous Dole Whip! I had wanted one the whole trip and finally got my fix. It was amazing and worth every sugary calorie!

And then the show started and all of the kids woke up and watched it with wondering eyes and loved it as much as I hoped they would. And when it was finished my Disney trip was made. It was just after 11 and I begged someone to stay with me until they closed but I was highly outvoted, and that's okay. It was the perfect way to end our magical, wonderful, with a few bumps-in-the-road vacation.
The next morning we packed up and got ready o head back to St. George where the kids would spend the night at their cousins house. M, Andy, and I slept at my parents house where Andy and I caught up on homework, ugh.
And here are our sad faces that our vacation was over:

All the way hoe from St. George it snowed and it made me really sad that I didn't live in California by the ocean, even though I love the snow.

We made it home safe and sound and so grateful that we had the opportunity to go on such a wonderful, fun, exciting, family trip. It was a blast!

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