Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back To School Feast 2015-- "Be Strong and Very Courageous"

"Back to school, back to school, to show my dad I'm not a fool!"
I always think of Billy Madison every time I think about going back to school. Such a funny movie.

Anyway, school started at the end of August! Actually it was more like mid-August, it started so early this year! And because I had a 7th grader, it seemed to start even earlier. The 7th graders in Murray school district start the Friday before everybody else. They go by themselves to their new junior high all alone so they can get used to the school, and going to different classes, and opening their lockers, etc. 

Laylah was up bright and early to get ready. She had picked out the perfect school outfit that we had gone back to school shopping for a few weeks before-- (our annual back to school shopping trip that I didn't take one photo of and forgot to document in my last post.... yeah, it happened. Fun family day of lunch, school clothes and supplies shopping--except Daphne had to stay home, so we sent her photos of clothes she might like, and she texted back with a yes or a no. And we brought her lunch, too! Poor girl, missing out on all the fun.) and she looked so cute.
Laylah- grade 7. It still boggles my mind.

There was a red carpet laid out and all of the teachers lined it, giving high 5's and clapping for the new 7th grade students walking into the school. She hemmed and hawed at the car door while I snapped away and giggled at her. She was very nervous.

But she finally got the courage to head over to the red carpet and embarrassingly walk down it, ha!
I was sort of bummed when after school she told me that some parents were inside taking photos of their kids and with their friends, etc. I didn't think she would want me to, I thought she would be so embarrassed, so I just tried to play it cool and didn't even ask.... haha. Next time, I will go in that school to take photos! Oh well. 

The Sunday after Laylah started school we had our annual Back to School Feast. Our themes this year was, "Be Strong and Very Courageous" from Joshua 1:7. 

I make everyone take a nap while I prepare dinner and our lesson and the kid's back to school gift. These cuties were still fast asleep when I went to wake them.

We had a delicious dinner of roasted salmon with dill sauce, fresh berries, sauteed mushrooms and asparagus, and roasted parm potatoes, with a splash of pink lemonade. For dessert, chocolate cake.

I'll be honest, I really don't remember much about our lesson (that's what I get for blogging it two months late, ugh!). I know I wanted to convey that we are our own person and we need to be brave and courageous to stand up for what is right. We talked about how this world is changing and has been for some time. There is so much wicked and sadness in the world. We need to be a light and example to others. Even if we are the only one who is choosing the right, we need to still do so. And we also talked about how, as children, they can always come to us, their parents, and we will be here to talk to them. I remember having a very happy and proud feeling while we were having our lesson/discussion. I am so grateful for my amazing kiddos who just seem to get it.
With that, we divided up school supplies, packed up backpacks, set out first day outfits (except Laylah--because she had already had her first day, she didn't have to go Monday) and they were off to bed, with tiny nerves in their tummies about the first day back.

We woke bright and early and got ready. Jonah decided at the last minute that he hated his new school outfit and refused to wear it. Oh boy, it's already starting, those teenage hormones that I've been hearing so much about.

Baron- Grade 2

 Daphne- Grade 4
 After sitting at home for nearly 3 weeks, Daphne was so ready to get out of the house!

Jonah- Grade 6
I heart them.

We got to school pretty early because I had plans to take Laylah to the temple with her friends. I dropped them off, snapped a quick pic, and left without waiting to take pictures with any of their friends.

Luckily one of Baron's friends mother's sent me this:
cute boys.

Lucky Laylah went to the temple with her friends and then I took them out to lunch later that day.  The other kids came home full of happiness and excitement at starting another year. They all have the same teachers as last year because of the Magnet program that they are in, so there wasn't much that was new, but it was still fun.

The next day they all headed out to school together and just like that, another year of homework, backpacks, projects, class parties, and all things school is upon us. I am already looking forward to Christmas break ;)

Happy New School Year, kids!

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