Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Checkin' In

Hello! Guess what I should be doing but I am taking a break from to do instead?! I should be studying for my third anatomy exam that is tomorrow, but I decided it might be a good time to blog instead?! Because it sure has been awhile since I just sat at this computer and rambled away the thoughts that are in my brain, or as Magnus calls it, my bwain.

I was reading through some old posts and I used to ramble a lot more. And I really loved reading my thoughts from a few years ago. And wow, I am sure an over-sharer. Oh well, my life is an open book and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Just the way I am, I guess. And I'm too old to change, haha. Just kidding. My grandma says that,

Just some thoughts on this chilly day..... we have so many changes coming our way, and some that have already commenced. Andy decided to stop pursuing his dream (cough, cough.... it may have been a little more my dream than his) to become a PA. After having a very intense discussion about how much we hate being starving students (going on three years here, people, with SO freaking many challenges that have come our way between all that-- but what's life without challenges, am I right?!) (Oh, and also after discussing that while Andy enjoys the medical field, he had decided that he doesn't really care what he's doing as long as he can support our family comfortably, which we have been anything but the last few years) he decided to just apply for a job doing something similar to what he was doing over 4 years ago (that he had a lot of experience in) and he got the job. So he quit his hospital job, discontinued going to school for PA req's, and re-enrolled to finish up his bachelor's in Sales Management which is what he has years of experience in, and what he was doing before we moved back to Utah almost 4 years ago. He is making way more money now which means I can quite working and be a MOM AGAIN! 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I have missed being a stay at home mommy. I started working right before Magnus turned 3 years old. And now he is 5! I have been working full time since July and while I haven't posted many personal things going on in our lives on this blog, there have been a lot of ups and downs over the past little bit. Lots going on, lots of "stuff" and lots of tears. Happy stuff sprinkled in, too. But seriously, my last day is a week from Friday at my job and I am so excited to not have to work anymore. For those wondering, yes, I am still going to be going to school, but that will seem so much easier when I just have school as opposed to work AND school. What a difference. I am so grateful for all of the experience I have gained (which has really helped me in my school/career path) as I have chosen not to pursue nursing any longer. 

It is so funny to me how so much can change in a couple of years. A couple years ago, I KNEW that I wanted to become a nurse. and now I KNOW that I don't. I had a very amazing and inspiring biology teacher two years ago who turned me onto the idea of Genetic Counseling. She noticed my knack for genetics and talked to me about it after class one day. I hadn't even ever heard of a genetic counselor, but right away I knew that's what I wanted to do. I learned it is a Master's program and the U of U is the only school in Utah currently with a program. I figured I would still get a BS of nursing (because I needed a Bachelor's degree to apply for the master's Program anyway) and maybe work for a few years and then apply to the Master's program. But after working in the hospital, I realized that I don't really want to be a nurse. I love patient care and the interaction I get, but I decided I would like that more in a counseling aspect rather than medical care aspect. Another side note: We worked with a genetic counselor when Magnus was diagnosed. They are currently doing a (years long) study to see if Ependymoma is genetically linked. Anyway, I still have a super long ways to go, and who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind again. But that is the plan for now. I currently have one more semester in the spring at SLCC and then I will graduate with my ASS and transfer to the U. I will have gone to SLCC for a total of 7 semesters and 3 years only for my Associate's degree, but I have to cut myself some slack. I am a mom to 5 kids, I am a wife, I worked between 25-30 hours a week and more currently 36 hours a week, my son with diagnosed with cancer amidst all of it, and during those three years I have had 3 different jobs and Andy has also had 3 different jobs. We also got through two CNA courses, and Andy completed his EMT certificate. While neither of us want to be in a medical clinical setting anymore, we wouldn't trade all that we have learned. Knowledge is power and I love all of my newfound knowledge from my experiences working at the hospital.

Wow, writing all of that out feels good. It makes me feel accomplished and helps me to realize that I can do hard things and that I can also cut myself some slack. Andy's and my married life has been anything but easy, but we are pretty freaking strong to have endured all that we have. 

And just for funsies, a few other fun things going on 'round these parts...
~At the beginning of December Magnus was asked to be the face of Make-a-wish for  special fundraiser. I have to speak for 5 minutes at the event and I am kinda nervous...
~We officially have our cruise dates for Magnus' Make-a-wish trip. We are going on a Western Caribbean cruise with ports in Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Haiti and we set sail in February! I am beyond excited. We received our itinerary in the mail last week and I have read through it so many times. 
~ Magnus does not know about the info above as of yet. They are holding a Wish Granting Party for him in a few weeks and apparently it is a pretty big deal. I am excited to see his face.
~Jonah, Daphne, and Baron are busy with indoor soccer. Laylah is busy with dance. Life continues on and is so very enjoyable. 
~The semester ends on Dec 10th and then I have 2 finals the next week. I will have a WHOLE MONTH off from school and work. I won't even know what to do with myself, because even when I was out of school, I still had work! And now I won't have anything! It's weird. 
~Christmas is in 31 days!! And I am planning on shopping til I drop this weekend, we are getting family photos on Saturday, and I will order my Christmas cards by early next week, as well as decorate my house in Christmas Magic! GOALS!
~Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow! And I have to work! Poopy! 
~One of the things I am most excited about with not having to work any longer is to get back into shape. I have gained 20 pounds over the last year since M's diagnosis. No bueno. Admittedly, I have not really eaten healthfully, nor have I exercised regularly, but I will have time once again! I lost 48 pounds once and I can do it again! Well, I don't need to lose that much, so it should be easier, right? Riiiiight?!

And that is all for now on the Collette home front. Lot's going on, as usual. Just the way I like it. Now, back to studying. No rest for the weary, or as I like to refer to myself, a Glutton for Punishment. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ryan and Erin said...

Holy cow! That IS A LOT going on! I'm glad for the update! I hope there's smooth waters in your future. :)