Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... A Hallmark Movie!

Do you guys watch those super cheesy Hallmark movies at Christmas time? I love those things. Andy and I found out that we both secretly loved them a few years ago but we were both too embarrassed to tell the other. And then one night awhile back, he came downstairs to find me wrapping gifts and sobbing to the end of a Hallmark special. 
Oh my, we laughed and laughed. And now he records them and we snuggle up with hot cocoa on the couch to watch them together. And we still laugh and laugh, but now we laugh at the cheesy goodness together. Christmas is the best. Every year it feels like it comes faster and it is over too soon. I'm determined to enjoy it to the best of my abilities this year. One cheesy Hallmark movie at a time ;)

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Most Happy Girl said...

I love cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies! I was at my mom's, and we watched three in a row while we were getting things ready for Thanksgiving. What I miss out because we don't have cable. *sigh