Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baron and Rice Cereal

Baron and his "surrogate" mommy

All four of my silly little kiddies

What a cutie pie... I forgot to put him to bed and he just fell asleep on the couch

Always smiling... we call him Guy Smiley

ewww... yucky!

uhh, please don't throw-up!

Okay, so this poor baby of mine (#4, remember) is so neglected and I finally got around to giving him cereal, and it was hilarious! He loves it now, but these pictures are soooo funny! I was laughing so hard at the faces he was making. I love Baron so much, he is such a good and happy baby ( Don't be jealous, I deserve it!! I thought I might kill myself with my 2nd and 3rd) He sits and plays and talks to himself and rolls over and he's been trying to crawl recently. Laylah is like a little mom and she carts him around everywhere, puts him in his swing, puts him down for a nap, changes his diaper, puts him in his carseat, etc. etc. I LOVE having a child old enough to help me when I need it. But, he is a sweetie pie and we all adore him.

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