Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Official... I'll Be Pregnant Forever

Just Kidding. But sometimes it feels that way!35 weeks

My view.... which is getting old.

Well people-ONE MONTH TO GO!!! Isn't it funny how pregnancy just takes over your every thought and your entire life from about 32 weeks on?? But honestly, I do not ever remember feeling THIS ready to be done or THIS anxious to get the baby OUT of me. This pregnancy has been the worst. My doctor put me on some light narcotics (if there is such a thing :) for the last few weeks so I can sleep at night just because my Ankylosing Spondylitis has gotten so bad that I cannot sleep! The pain is so bad that I end up getting up after a couple hours and just walking around the house because of the stiffness and spasms and pain. Or, I would try to sleep sitting up on the couch. So, the meds have helped quite a bit. I am also on iron because I'm very anemic which makes me even more tired. And then with being so sick the last few weeks, I feel like an old granny who needs to sit down and rest every few minutes! I'm a mess and all of this has just confirmed to Andy and I that while we are so excited and happy for this last little memeber of our family to arrive, we are very certain that we won't be doing this again and our family will be complete. It's a nice feeling :) I'm so happy with our beautiful family and with everything we've been blessed with and I can't wait to have 5 little kids running around. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mama. I love it. I adore my children.
We are so very blessed.


Shana Smith said...

Yay! Seriously we will be done with our pregnancies in NO time. I just got a little nervous, I am not prepared yet with pretty much anything. I guess I need to get on that ASAP huh?! I bet it is a good feeling to know that your family is complete. Your kids are pretty stinkin cute! I am sorry that this pregnancy has been so painful and hard, I feel horrible to say that I am "finished" when I havent really had a whole lot of discomfort! No worries just a few more weeks and our kiddos will be here (to put us out of our misery) J/k.. Hang in there!

Tommy and Teisha said...

Yeah my sister felt like her last pregnancy (her 4th) was the worst also. I am sure it'll be exciting when he/she arrives though.

Armstrong said...

I pray that the last few weeks fly by for you and you can get some sleep before this little one arrives. I think you look great for baby #5 and at 35 weeks! Hang in there.

Drea said...

Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry! I really hope things speed up! You look super cute by the way and I love the "your view" picture! Good luck with everything!!

The A.Wahls said...

I think it's funny how just because I can't see the lower half of my stomach, or anything below it, I really want's frustrating...kind of like trying to kiss your elbow or some obnoxious thing like that. Now matter how hard I try, it's not going to happen.