Monday, March 21, 2011

And Then He Left Us to Go Have Some Fun...

A few weeks ago Andy went to Utah for a visit. I surprised him with help from my wonderful friend Joanie (thanks again Joanie!) who gave me a buddy pass for him. He was ecstatic. I knew he was needing a break from life. He had been wanting to go see his awesome little brother, David, play basketball in the state playoffs. David is a senior in highschool and is an amazing basketball player. He has a scholarship to Utah State University and the week he was playing would be his last for 3 years. He will be red-shirting at Utah State his first year, and then going on his mission, and then he'll come back to play for 4 years.

Anyway, Andy had a great time. I told him to take lots of pictures for me and the following 6 are what I got. And they're blurry, so..... yeah.This is Evan, my adorable nephew. He was a tiny baby when we moved. And now he walks and talks and is cute as ever. He and Magnus are twins born a year apart. That's right, they share the same birthday. Kind of fun :)
Here's cute Bella. She and Baron are about the same age. I can't believe how big she is. They grow up too fast. Cliche. I sound like a grannie.

Not quite sure what's going on here. But aren't they cute? Mmm hmmm. They sure are :)

Here's Ryan, Andy's other brother. I'm assuming that Andy told him to take a picture and Ryan went ahead and took one. Of himself..... so now it gets posted for all to see :)

Andy was super lucky because a few days before he went for his visit was when our cute twin nephews I posted about were born. He got to visit them, and like I said before, I was super jealous. Still am. By the way, doesn't Sarah look A-mazing?! She had just given birth to TWO babies less than 2 weeks before. By C-section. Really?! Those jealousy feelings are coming back...

And here's the whole reason for the visit.... Mr. Basketball, David Collette himself. He's the one holding the ball and by holding it, I mean he's not dribbling or shooting. Just holding. I realized after I wrote that sentance that there were about 5 guys with basketballs. Hahaha.

Here's the tip-off. David's in the white on the right (#34)..... and that is the last of the pictures. I guess the game got too good after that!
They did play really well. The won their first game (Monday) and their second (Wednesday). The semi-finals were Friday and the state game was Saturday. David played awesome in the semi-finals, but I guess the rest of the team kind of gave up. David had over half of their total points, and they lost :(
Andy had a great time nonetheless. He said it was relaxing and fun and besides all of his family, he got to see my family and also some friends. Good times. I was glad he had fun.
And don't you worry. While he was away, the kids and I had lots of fun too. I had planned a bunch of stuff and it made the week fly by.

My kids sure are fun. I love 'em.

Everyone loves to hold and have some snuggle time with baby M. He's fun to snug with :)

One morning I heard all of the kids giggling and found them like this playing "sleepover" on the staircase landing. It's times like these when I love my kids more than ever and realize how grateful I am that I had them so close together. They play so well together and are such great friends.

One day we whipped out the Easy-Bake Oven and made pink cake. Even though it took forever, we made them each their own and they frosted and decorated them. It ended up taking so long that the cake was part of our dinner. Fun times when Dad is out of town :)
Yum (except, not really) I took a bite and it was pretty gross. It had the consistancy of play-dough.

The last night before Andy came home, we had a movie night with shakes and popcorn and a sleepover in the family room all together. I was so exhausted from the week of "single parenting" and I fell asleep quickly during the first movie. Apparently, they were all still awake after it was over and Laylah turned on another movie after the first one ended. I kind of woke up halfway through that one and couldn't believe it was midnight and they were all still awake watching movies. I fell back asleep and then woke up a little later again, and they were finally all asleep. So of course, I started taking pictures at 2 AM :)
I moved Bear up to my spot (rather than the hard floor) and then went to my own bed. The next day I found out that Daphne had woken up around 3:30 AM and tried to wake everyone up to start playing. Only Bear would participate and Laylah finally got mad and they went back to sleep. Little stinkers.
It was a fun week overall. Like I said, exhausting, but fun :)


Ashlie said...

Magnus is super cute! And I love how much fun you and your kids have, you are such a cute momma.

Laney said...

I love how Magnus is half the size of Daphne (at least that's how the pict of D, B & M looks). Wish we were more financially stable so we could come play! Plus I have to find a bridesmaids dress and I HATE shopping. Maybe if I had you to come with it wouldn't be so loathsome and you could share some of your fashion sense with me. *sigh - a girl can dream right?!* I should obviously email you since I'm leaving a novel instead of a comment!

Emily said...

oh my! how cute! seriously, i want a bunch of cute kids! love it!