Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby M at 4 Months

Magnus is nearly 4 1/2 months now, but better late than never :)

At Magnus' doctor appointment he weighed 18 pounds (97%) and was 26.5 inches long (95%). I don't remember his head measurement, but it was in the 50%. He just keeps growing and is nearly out of his infant carseat. I can hardly lift it and my hand starts going numb if I have to carry it for any length of time. He is the sweetest little thing. I adore him. He is still on the more serious side...

...But he definitely smiles and laughs and it is music to my ears. He has the funniest little laugh and he is also very ticklish and just giggles over and over.

Around 3 months old he decided that he hated the binky, much to my disappointment. I thought I had had it made and honestly thought people just weren't trying hard enough when they said their babies didn't like binky's and refused to take them. Now I know I was SO wrong and I cannot for the life of me get this boy to suck on a binky. He screams, thrashes around, and has an absolute tantrum if I put that binky anywhere near his mouth. Instead, he decided he likes his thumb.... yikes. I have never wanted a thumb-sucker, but it looks like this kid just might be my one and only. He looooves his thumb and sucks it all the time. It's kind of cute now, but I know in 3 years it sure won't be :)

His hair has also started really falling out. I will run my hand through it and about 10-20 hairs come with it. His crib sheet is covered in tiny, fine, baby hairs. He is nearly bald now.

I also started him on rice cereal. He is not a fan. I hate babyfood. It's such a chore. I just keep trying and he still does not enjoy it. One bit.

Magnus is a great sleeper.... when he doesn't have ear infections, of which he has already had 3. The pediatrician told me that if this trend continues, he'll definitely need tubes by 12 months. I'm counting on it. Jonah had tubes and another of my kids nearly needed them (I can't even remember who.... sad). He goes to bed at 7 PM, sleeps at least 9-10 hours at night, wakes to eat around 4 or 5, and then goes back to bed until about 8 AM. When I go into get him in the morning, I am rewarded with a giant grin and happy baby sounds. I love his talking and baby babble, it is such a sweet little sound. Anyway, hopefully soon he'll be able to go from 7-7 without waking. That will be great.

We all just love this kid. He still has a fussy period starting at 5 PM and usually lasts until he goes to bed. Luckily I have lots of little helpers that hold him or keep him entertained while I make dinner. He loves all of his siblings and especially loves his dad. He will talk and talk and talk to Andy, like they are having their own conversation. It's quite hilarious.
We all love our Mr. Magnus. He's our sweet little lovebug!


Emily said...

Magnus is sooo adorable! What a sweet blessing to have!
I am so jealous - I miss my baby love!

Brittani said...

He is so cute, I can't believe how big he is already...I thought Was big but he puts her to shame (love it!) I am also so jealous of his sleeping schedule, I would be a much higher functioning mama if she would sleep like that (will he give her some pointers, ha ha ha!) So fun to see all the pics too, love the solid food pics especially!

The Jubbs said...

He is adorable! Can't wait to see him. It kills me how much he looks like Andy! Evan had that same cranky period. I hated that time! Oh, and I could've told you that you can't force a binky! Both my kids absolutely refused, and after Bella, I tried so hard with Evan with no luck. Have you tried apple juice in the rice cereal? Probably, not like this is your first time!! :) But Evan only liked it with apple juice. Crazy kid! Apparently he's eating enough :)

Melanie said...

He goes to bed at 7??? Maybe I should start that. Jackson was the best sleeper until about a month ago. It's wearing on me! Magnus is so cute and so big! :) We just transitioned over to the regular carseat. It's hard because he always falls asleep in the car and then I have to wake him up. At least I'm not lugging around the infant carseat anymore.

Ashlie said...

He is so cute! And I love how much fun you and your kids have you are such a cute a mom.