Monday, March 21, 2011

No Leprechaun's Allowed

Ohhhhh, St. Patrick's Day. Kind of fun, but mostly silly. It's not my favorite holiday, but the kids love it. I can't believe how "into" it some people get. Leprechaun's coming into houses, turning toilet water green, making mischief and messes and the like.

Not in my house. I'm no fun.... and I'm kind of lazy :) At school, the teachers do a lot of fun and exciting things for the kids, so I have always told my kids that the Leprechaun's make mischief at school and then they decide to be nice and bring us a treat afterwards at home.

We always do our traditional green pancakes and milk.Everyone wears their green too, of course :) (oh, Bear hadn't gotten dressed for the day yet.) He was begging me to help him after we all kept giving him little pinches and giggling. He should have worn green jammies to bed like everyone else did! He can't say I didn't warn him...!

The yummy treat the Leprechaun's brought us after they were done causing mischief at school!!
Happy St. Paddy's everyone!

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Emily said...

haha, we did nothing for St. p's day. my kids have no idea what that is. you sure did a lot, in my book! cute cupcake!