Friday, August 9, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane Part 2

 If there is something I love to do in this world more than anything else, it is to be with my husband. I took the Love Languages quiz once and my love language is Quality Time. I love to be with him, just the two of us. We can have the most in-depth and stimulating conversations, or we can be saying nothing at all. We can be talking about day-to-day stuff, or we can talk about our future. Anything we do, anything we talk (or don't talk) about, it really doesn't matter. I just like to be with him. I guess I kind of like him just a little bit :)

Last night he told me he wanted to watch a movie so we went to go get a treat. I decided I was going to reward myself with my favorite ice cream ever because I had finished my math class (I know, I know, it is not a good idea to reward myself with food, but I do. And that is another post all together.) I hadn't had Ben and Jerry's Phish Food in I don't even know how long. Years, probably. So that's what I got. And do you know what? Just that simple little trip to the grocery store made my night. Because when I am with my husband, just him and me, I am the happiest lady in the world.

So we ate our ice cream and watched Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. And I fell asleep, as per my usual. But after a night like last night, I couldn't help but think about that being one of the reasons why Andy and I fell in love so fast and so furiously...

After I left Andy's house on the night we met, I honestly didn't think much more about him. About a week later it was Thanksgiving Day and after all of the eating and family togetherness time, Hailey, Rachel, and I decided to go see a movie. Hailey suggested that we call Andy and those guys that we had met the week before because they were fun. I agreed, so I made the call to Andy. He told me he was actually with Blair and Tony right then and they were actually just talking about going to a movie so they would meet us at the theater. The three of us girls drove to the movie theater to meet up with those three boys.

When we walked into Jordan Commons and starting walking up the ramp, I saw them sitting at the shake bar out of the corner of my eye. I started walking over that way and Rachel grabbed my arm and said, "Oh no, we can't go over there! That is Tony Macey! And Andrew Collette! I hate that guy! C'mon, we need to go this way." And she grabbed my arm and tried to lead me over to the other side of the theater. I stopped and said, "Rachel, those are the guys we are meeting!" and right then I realized why Tony had seemed familiar. My sister Rachel and he had dated a few years ago. She, Tony, and Andrew had all worked together at Macey's grocery store when they were in high school, and apparently she and Andy hadn't gotten along too well. The look of dread on her face was priceless. She put on her big girl pants and we all walked over there where introductions were made and renewed. Rachel wasn't too happy to be there, and after we decided there was nothing really worth seeing at the theater we decided to go back to my parents house and play games.

I don't remember much else about the night (Rachel's shock and dread just make me laugh so hard still) but I remember we had a good time and there was a lot of laughing going on. When it started to get late and we decided it was time to go, I walked everyone to the door. Andy was the last to leave, and I remember him leaning down and giving me a big hug. I remember feeling so small in his arms and at the same time thinking it was a little weird that he was hugging me. I still just thought of him as a nice guy and a fun friend to hang out with. But a few weeks later, those friendship thoughts would be turning into full on twitterpation (Not a word? It is now.) and love would be just over the horizon...

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