Friday, August 23, 2013

Life's Lessons

We have had a bit of trouble trying to get through our summer bucket list this last week before school starts. We were supposed to spend the day at Seven Peaks yesterday. When we drove up with excited kids ready to go and the parking lot was empty, I knew something must be amiss. I was right. They were closed. We tried the Murray Pool instead. Closed. Cottonwood Heights? Closed. As a last resort, we headed over to my grandma's community pool which is still fun but not as exciting (since we go there about once a week) because the kids were ready to swim. It was closed due to a broken pump. I couldn't believe our bad luck! The other three were closed because apparently school has started for the majority of Utah. I guess Murray district is one of the last to start. 

I don't get it. Whatever happened to August being a part of summer instead of back to school time? 

We ended up heading to a splash pad/playground. It is weird to me how much fun my kids used to have at places like that and now they're bored after 30 minutes. They're growing up so much. Sad. Magnus was the only one who played non-stop and threw a fit when we were ready to leave. I guess my days of hanging out at the park for hours on end while my kids play are over.  It's weird.

Today we have plans to go boating. The weather is against us though and it's windy and stormy. We'll see how long we can last. The kids are bummed that their last few days of freedom haven't worked out as planned. I had to explain to them that that is life, so they may as well get used to it and get over it. Those words are more for me though. It's a hard lesson to learn sometimes.

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