Monday, September 2, 2013

Back To School 2013

 Happy Back to School!! It's that time of year. New crayons, sharp pencils, shiny folders.... it's back to school time. My kids were happy to be going back to school this year. They were so nervous last year because it was a new school, but this year they were ready because they knew their friends would be waiting. Baron would be going to kindergarten and he has been counting down the days, Laylah got the teacher she wanted for 5th grade, Jonah knew what to expect from his teacher (since the gifted program teachers teach split grades he would be keeping the same one), and Daphne's best friends would be in her class again, it was an all around exciting start to the year.

We had our back to school celebration the Sunday before school started. Here is our theme:
 (And that is my pathetic attempt at drawing a bicycle.... sad, I know. I never was an artist, that's for sure.)

I took it from THIS video, which is a new Mormon Message. I saw it a couple weeks before school started and just felt like it would be a great theme for our year since Daphne will be getting baptized in January. It is the cutest little video and I get teary every time I see it. So, go click on that link and watch it. Right now. I'll even wait for you.

Okay, now wasn't that sweet?

I decorated simply with a banner and red streamers. On the menu for the evening was:
barbecue pork ribs
garlic roasted asparagus
mixed berry fruit salad with raspberry whip cream dip
baby red baked poataoes with all the fixings
made from scratch biscuits with butter and jam
creme soda in glass bottles
individual mini chocolate molten cakes with ice cream and caramel for dessert

We ate delicious food and talked about our theme and what it would mean to our family this year. We talked about how Laylah and Jonah are already baptized and how they can use their Gift of the Holy Ghost to guide them and to repent when they've done something wrong. We also talked about how Daphne will be receiving that gift later this year and how she can prepare now to be ready. 

We also made sure our kids knew without a doubt that no matter what they've done, no matter how bad they think it is, that they can always, always, always come and talk to us, their parents, about anything and we will always love them and help them with whatever they need. It was a good discussion and it makes me so proud to see how much my kids are learning and growing. I love to see their testimonies building upon solid foundations. I am one proud mom, that is for certain.

I like to give my kids a little back to school gift at the start of each year, and I like it to go along with our theme. Because of the bike video we watched, I gave them each a bike lock for their bikes. They wanted to ride their bikes to school several times last year, but we never had any bike locks and I never let them because I was worried about their bikes getting stolen. So, now we can. 

I neglected to get something for Magnus and he was quite upset with me. In this picture below he said to me (with a full on pouty face), "But I don't have one to hold for the picture, mom!"  Whoops. Oh well, I knew he'd get over it quickly and he did.

 I simply adore these kids of mine. They are good, good children.

And now we have.... The First Day of School!!
 Magnus was upset that everyone was leaving. Poor kid. He'll be home alone for a long three years before he starts elementary school. I didn't plan that very well...




Baron (who actually didn't start kindergarten yet, but had a meeting with his teacher for an assessment) 

These two enter the school from one side, so they let me snap a quick pic before running off to join their friends.

And then we walked over to the other side of the school where the younger grades enter and Daphne found her bestie, Nicole.

As we were walking back to go meet Baron's teacher, we saw this cutie walking into school and she gave us a little wave good-bye.

Baron met his darling teacher and had his assessment. He has been pouting around all week because he just wants to go to school so much! He has been counting down the days until tomorrow.

I was a tiny bit sad driving home, but was greeted with a happy Magnus. He was so excited that Baron was back to play and not leave him alone all day.  They sat on the porch eating otter pops while I decided to tackle my mess of a house that has been terribly neglected all summer long. 

Happy School Year! I hope it's the best one yet.


Ashlie said...

You are such a clever mom to think of such a wonderful lesson, menu and gifts. Next year I will copy what you are going to do:o) You did a great job!

Sarah said...

Thanks Ashlie, you always say the kindest things! :)