Thursday, September 26, 2013

Here And Now

Magnus is a pirate, did you know? He actually found some cones in the car (soccer practice paraphernalia), put them on his foot and told me, "Mama, I a pirate! I have a peg foot!" Oh man, no matter how much trouble that boy gets into, no matter how many messes he makes, no matter how many things he ruins... I wouldn't trade it.

It got me to thinking about life and how much we truly take for granted. An example of this is my life about 7 years ago. Andy and I had just bought our first home. We had 3 little kiddies, ages 3, 2, and nearly 1. Andy had a great job that supported us so that I didn't need to work and could be a mom to our kids. I loved my life. I remember being so happy after we moved into our home... For a few months, that is. And then I wanted more. I wanted to paint and decorate. I wanted a new couch, a new car. I quickly forgot my euphoria and promise to Andy that I would be satisfied once we had our own home, the promise I had made only a few months previous. How could I forget so quickly? 

The thing is, looking back, I really only remember the good stuff. Our minds have a way of helping us do that, you know. Forgetting the hard or bad stuff, remembering the easy times and the good stuff.

That's my point. Even though life can seem so dang hard sometimes, in a few years it might just be harder. And I'll look back at this time in my life and only remember the good stuff, and wonder why I didn't appreciate it. 

Maybe none of this makes sense, but I needed to remember it so that I can always be grateful for the here and now. And I am.

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