Friday, January 3, 2014

Back At It

Oh! Hello there little blog! Did you think I had forgotten about you?! Well, I did for a little while. I was a bit preoccupied taking care of a (slightly) needy husband who can't walk or do anything for himself. He's getting better though! 
And the holidays are over!
And I'm slightly less insane than I was 3 weeks ago!
But I am still a little insane nonetheless!

Anyway, lots of catching up to do. And I'll still be a little crazy for the month of January. It is Daphne's special #8 birthday in a week and a half. Her baptism is a mere 4 weeks away and I have several things to do to prepare. I need to try and get the majority done before school starts back up (for me, the kids went back today, blah) on a week from Monday (which is actually Daphne's birthday). Crazy, happy, blessed life... Am I right?! 

A catch-up post coming soon... Until then enjoy a photo of two people I love dearly who are doing something that I *should* be doing that I'm not.

Also, Happy New Year :)

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