Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's Coming

I feel like I kind of look cross-eyed in that there photo (which was taken Christmas Day and which may just be the only Christmas photo you get to see going by the rate at which I am updating my blog these days.) I got a new camera from Santa Claus. I am so excited to have it, but scared to learn how to use it. It's not a proper DSLR, but it's definitely a step above a good ole' point-and-shoot. And I have a hard time learning new things like how electronics work.

So, like my post title states, it's coming. What is coming you may ask? Lots and lots of things. Tomorrow I plan on doing a big update post on my blog. I always feel the need to catch-up on here at the beginning of the year. It's happening. Fall activities that went undocumented, holiday festivities, Christmas, New Year's, all that fun stuff.

Also, school. It starts on Monday! Scary stuff, especially because of my class load. I only have 9 credits, but those consist of Anatomy and Chemistry and their corresponding labs. I am slightly terrified. I am happy to report that I did in fact pull of a B and two A's last semester. Thrilling, I know :)

Also coming? Daphne's birthday and baptism. I love birthday #8. It is so special and exciting. I need to quickly learn how to take photos with that camera so I can take some baptism pictures next week and get some invitations and made and mailed out. Her birthday party is going to be at the Lion House on Monday and she also gets to get her ears pierced. Exciting stuff I tell you! 

Next up, Andy gets to try walking next week. I haven't posted much on here about the details of his injury, but it was pretty bad. I don't even remember if I mentioned that it happened on Thanksgiving Day while he was playing football. So silly.... And frustrating and time consuming and expensive. It kind of threw a gigantic wrench into our lives  and has been taking up space ever since. I'm excited to have him on the path to healing. 

Alright, that's enough for now. Lots of stuff happening around these parts, as you can see. More to come, I promise! (that promise is for me... So I'll make sure to do it :)

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Amber Kei said...

Oh, my goodness! So much happening and having happened...:) Good luck with holding it all together. I don't know how you do it, but I admire you for it!