Sunday, January 26, 2014

Merry Merry Eve

Ahhh, Christmas Eve. One of the best, most exciting days of the year. I love it because by then I have all of my Christmas "stuff" done and I can finally just sit and enjoy and not be thinking about something I need to do.

I actually had to work on Christmas Eve, just for a few hours in the morning. When I came home I just had to make a couple of last minute deliveries, help the kids wrap a couple last gifts, and make a salad for Christmas dinner at my mom and dad's house. It had been kind of a bummer weekend because Jonah was sick with strep over the weekend, Daphne was sick a fever on Monday, and Baron was sick with a fever on Tuesday (Christmas Eve). I was just hoping no one else got it for Christmas Day because what a terrible day to be sick.

We got to my mom's and had a lovely dinner. My entire family (minus Rachel's family) was there and the cousins all have so much fun together. We did the nativity of course and some other fun activities.

 At the end of the night we opened gifts because we wouldn't be seeing my family on Christmas. I made poor Baron stay downstairs because I didn't want him spreading germs. That's why he is all alone opening his gift from my parents.

The rest of us were upstairs. It was crazy and loud and fun. I loved seeing what everyone got.

Hugs all around!

My parents gave us an ipad. We love it. It has been so helpful for school. My mom also gave us our traditional "bags" as we call them (Probably similar to a stocking). They are always filled with fun things that I need or want and I look forward to them every year. One of my favorite things in my bag was a freshwater pearl necklace my mom brought back from her trip to China. I also got a cute serving dish, and just all sorts of fun things. Andy's was filed with treats, a tie, dress socks, and the like. We love getting our Christmas bags :)
After all the gifts had been opened, I took my little family downstairs with Baron to open Christmas jammies and slippers. Andy and I got some too but I didn't include us in the photo. Laylah actually made Andy's pajama pants that he got. Talented little gal.

All dressed and ready for bed!

After all the gifts had been opened my parents told us they had one more surprise for us. They had put every single home movie from over the years onto DVD's. There are like 16 DVD's. I was so excited! I love home movies. My kids love to watch ours all the time, and I know I am going to love going through all of my family's old movies. After we watched some of one and my kids had started drifting off (Magnus was out) we took a photo and said Merry Christmas and goodnight.

We said prayers and talked about the true meaning of Christmas when we got home. We took a quick photo, put out cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer, and sent the kids to bed.

And then Santa came and gobbled his cookies and drank his chocolate milk and put out gifts and filled stockings with care. He had a little interruption and had to hide for a minute when Laylah came out of her room to go potty and nearly gave him a heart attack.

And while Santa was busy doing all the work Andy fell asleep in our comfy chair by the fireplace.

After Andy and I headed to bed we had been asleep for a couple hours when Magnus came into our room burning up with a fever and telling us he needed to throw-up. We made it to the bathroom and then I sat up with him the rest of the night helping him make it into the bowl. We watched movies downstairs until he finally fell asleep around 5 AM and I was able to get a few hours of sleep myself. Poor Baby.

I was awakened by thundering feet above my head upstairs when excited kids had woken up and were excitedly yelling that it was Christmas and look what Santa had brought! So much fun. 

I think when I am old and my kids are grown and gone, being awakened on Christmas morning will be one of those things that I miss most of all.

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