Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

 Well howdy! Has it really been a month and a half since I last blogged? Because dang.... time is a flyin'. Just thought I'd do a quick Valentine's Day post because I certainly love this silly little holiday.

The kids all had to make their own Valentine's Day box and we were procrastinator's. We were doing boxes and Valentine's the evening before the big day. It was a really fun couple of hours together as a family getting our craft on.

We decided to do twinkie minions for the kids to give away. They were easy, fun, and cute just like me. Haha, just kidding. But really, I found everything on Pinterest and Andy executed it because to be honest, he is much more crafty than I, plus he is a perfectionist whereas I am not. So everything looked great.
 Cutting and taping

 Laylah and Jonah found their Valentine's Box ideas on Pinterest, showed me what they wanted, I went to the store and got the supplies, and Andy helped them make them. They turned out cuuuute.

Daphne made her own. She just wanted a pretty box. Bear made his Valentine's monster bag at school.

Oh yeah, and we used 100 twinkies. That is a lot of sugar, my friends.

On the morning of, I made a little breakfast with a heart theme. Andy and I gave the kids their Valentine's (just some chocolate, because we didn't think they'd get enough at school....?)

Decked in red and pink

And of course some fancy Valentine's hair (because we weren't late enough to school as it was, so we decided to do this too ;)

 The kids all had a blast at their Valentine's Day parties at school. I had to work most of the day but I got off at 5. Andy and the kids brought me my favorite treat at work (See's chocolates! Oh how I love thee...) and it was so much fun to see them because work was super boring.

After I got home we fed the kids a pizza (heart-shaped? Of course!) and then Cupid visited and left a little treat (because remember? They hadn't had enough sugar yet.) The kids got a new movie and mini Ben and Jerry's.

Then I gave Andy his gift which was a scavenger hunt through town to all of our favorite places. We had appetizers, dinner, desert, and a movie. It was such a fun night and I loved just driving in the car and getting to spend time together.

While we were gone apparently there was another knock on the door. A little something was left for Jonah along with some more goodies.
 Laylah also got a little something from a secret admirer, but I failed to take a photo. I just feel like these kids that give my kids stuff must be really gutsy because I would never dream of doing that at their age!

Valentine's Day nails? Yes please.

And just a pic of me and the guy that I love.
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope yours was extra sweet :)


Lisa said...

I LOVE how you did your daughter's hair. Every year I think I'll look up a tutorial to do heart hair on my daughter and I never do. You are a great Mom! We'll need to a plan a Saturday sometime to do a long ride together. My longest ride so far has only been 13 miles. According to the training schedule that Jessica sent out, I should have done 35 over the weekend. Oops! Have you gone to my Mom's to get your shirt yet? Just curious. I haven't asked her.

Sarah said...

Thanks Lisa! I know, I always think I'll plan ahead for a cute hair-do and then I'm doing one last minute and it stresses me out!

And no, I am not caught up on training, I need to get my booty in gear. And I don't have my shirt yet. I'll get it one of these days!