Friday, June 20, 2014

Time's A Flyin'

 Well, here we are over halfway through June. Yay! While I love my kids being home and I love summer break, this summer is super busy and stressful and I pretty much just want it to be over. At least, I want it to be August. That's when Andy will finish his EMT course and summer semester will be over. Andy and I both have relatively easy classes (but still time consuming) but I just want them to be done. Then I will start my CNA course and finish that the week that the kids go back to school. Crazy I tell you! 

We have been enjoying our summer so far. But this post is the last few weeks leading up to summer break. It was crazy for a few days with all of the "stuff" we had going on and now it's just such a relief to have a break from it all.

 Starting back on Memorial Day, two weeks before school got out, was the last day off before summer break. I spent my morning biking all over town and went to visit my grandfathers' graves. I stopped by my Grandpa Phil's first (Grandma Marge's husband). I had not been there in years. I love cemetery's on Memorial Day. They are so beautiful and colorful and peaceful.
 This cemetery even had a bagpipe band (is it even called a band? I don't know) and they were incredible. I got some on video and sat and enjoyed it until they finished playing a few songs. 

 My next stop was my Grandpa Dan's grave (my Grandma Darlene's husband). There is even a little bench there to sit and contemplate. My grandfathers passed away only 2 months apart about 18 years ago. My brother had just left on his mission and I remember it being a very overwhelming time for my parents.

Such beauty

 Our majestic flag that symbolizes so much sacrifice given for our amazing country. 

 Later that day we went swimming and then had a barbecue at my mom's that evening. It was a wonderful and relaxing day for family. 

Later that week Jonah had a pack meeting. He earned his Bear Patch and he was so excited. He worked really hard all year for that thing!

 Great job Jonah boy.

Daphne had a huge project due only a week before school got out. It was her final book report. She did a fabulous job. Luckily parents were allowed to help. I drew the dragon and I was pretty dang proud of that! I am a terrible artist. Daphne designed it and executed most of it and told me where she wanted help.

Only a couple days before school got out Andy's brother got home from his mission! It was so wonderful to see him. He looks fantastic. Here are half of the little grand boys on Andy's side waiting for David to come through the gate.

And a quick selfie with his mommy and sister Terra (who is on skype.)

We had the kid's Fun Run at the elementary school. Parents are encouraged to participate and run with their children. Daphne ended up throwing up all night, so she missed it. Here is Laylah with a few friends.

And we're off! I ran with Baron the whole time. I didn't even see Jonah once. He is a super fast and left us in the dust.
 Baron ran on and off and did pretty well for a kindergartner. We ran two miles.

And guess who just happened to be passing out water at an aid station?! That's right. I asked him if I could snap a quick photo and he seemed pretty embarrassed. Laylah was ecstatic. She loves David Archuletta!

And we're done!

Unfortunately Daphne spread her sickness to the two little boys. They both woke up at the exact same time (2 AM.... lovely) and started throwing up. They share a bed so I wasn't surprised. I WAS surprised that Laylah didn't catch it because Magnus had slept in her bed the night before.  I cleaned and washed all the next day. Luckily no one has gotten it since. 

Finally the last week of school arrived! Laylah had her state report presentation and she chose Arizona (we used to live there when she was a year old!) She did a pretty awesome job.

We had a giftcard to Coldstone from the dentist (hilarious... probably to ensure we will always come back!) so we went and go that one night when Andy had a training meeting and I didn't want to make dinner.

And then Baron had his End of Year Kindergarten Program/Graduation! It was so cute. Andy had to miss it so I videoed almost the whole thing. They sang songs and had some speaking parts. They were all so dang adorable. (Baron is the kid right in the center of this photo.... we were in the VERY back)
Baron received the Principal's Award. I am so proud because only one child per class gets it. It is for academic/citizenship achievement.

And here we have Baron's incredibly amazing kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Young. I cried when I hugged her. We will miss her so much. 

And finally the last day of school arrived! The kids had a choir performance that morning which is why the boys are wearing matching shirts. Those are their choir shirts and on the back they say, "McMillan Children's Choir". The girls didn't want to wear theirs all day so they just brought them to change into. 

After the choir performance there was an Award's Assembly. Laylah also received the Principal's Award. I'm such a proud momma. 

Afterwards I had to get a photo with all of the kids and their teacher's. They gave them roses as end-of-year gifts (I was not on the ball this year...)

Daphne and Mrs. Hall

Jonah and Mrs. Van Beekum (who Daphne will have next year)

Laylah and Mrs. Saltzman (who's first year of teaching actually taught Andy's sister Stefanie! So funny)

We had our traditional treat lunch, but like I mentioned above, I was not on the ball this year. We had store bought treats, haha. We had a mini theme going on: mini cinnamon rolls, mini sugar cookies, mini cupcakes, and mini donuts.

Baron and Laylah's awards came with a free meal to Cafe Rio so we headed there for dinner and then we had a fun movie night at home. 
 Congrats to my wonderful kids (and me) for completing another year of elementary school!

Some other random things going on...

We celebrated Sadie on her 6th birthday.

Andy bought a motorcycle, mostly for commuting reasons. Gas is just so expensive and he has to drive to Lehi every day this summer. Plus his work is a ways away, so hopefully it will just help us save in the long run, especially when he starts school up at the U. Plus, bonus, motorcycles can always find better parking spots ;) And another bonus, the kids love it and love going for rides.

Finally we have the first day of summer break. I give you: my kids playing school. They are so goofy. And that's why I love them.


Lisa said...

Seriously Sarah. Your daughter is gorgeous. Both of them, but Daphne in those pictures makes me want to just stare at her pretty face. I think you're in for some trouble in about 10 years!

Sarah said...

You are so sweet Lisa, thanks :)