Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Manti Pageant

 In May of this year Daphne finished the Book of Mormon (I believe I posted about it in my May Tid Bits post) and I knew I wanted to give a reward to my kids when they accomplished that awesome thing. Since she was the first, I had no idea what to do. But after getting some suggestions from my mom, we decided to take her to the Manti Pageant! After all, what is better than seeing a cheesy re-enactment of the translating of the Book of Mormon after finishing reading it?! It was at the end of June, so it was nice that her reward wasn't too far after her finishing.

I actually had never been to the pageant myself. But after telling Daphne that this is what we were going to do she was pretty ecstatic. We left at about 4 PM after dropping to two little boys off at Grandma Collette's to have a sleepover. Laylah and Jonah were at Camp Hobe for the week. And then it was just Andy, and me and our girl. 

The drive down was pretty quick, we found a parking space, and then we went to the booths to find some yummy food.

We tried several different things like tacos, pork bowls, Navajo tacos, scones, and chicken fingers. It was all delicious.

We got some kettle corn for the show and then went and got settled on our blanket. Daphne played her iPad for awhile, we played Uno for awhile, we talked for awhile, and then, luckily enough, I spied one of my old friends, Tara, with her family just a few blankets away from us! We chatted for a bit and then the sun started to go down, so we knew the pageant would begin soon. Daphne and I went and got a few photos with the characters who were walking around before the show started, but I just realized they're on Andy's phone, so I'll have to add them later.

The clouds looked like cotton candy. Yum.

After the sun finished setting the show began. It was actually very fun and Daphne loved it. I fell asleep for a bit, but overall I enjoyed it all. When it was over we packed up our stuff and headed home. We arrived around 1 AM.

 Such a fun reward for our Daphne girl. She loved it. And we told the other kids we would do the same for them when they finished the Book of Mormon as well. I think this might be a fun, new tradition.

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