Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Fabulousness

My birthday was great. I adore birthdays and think they are just so much fun. A day for YOU to do WHATEVER you want and to not have to do ANYTHING if you don't. Athough I have been 28 for over 3 weeks now, that's still the only thing I don't enjoy about birthdays. Getting ooooooolderrrrrr. I'm one of those people who will freak out at their 30th birthday.

Andy thinks I'm ridiculous.

I don't care.

Anyway, we spent the day relaxing, eating yummy food, attending a baptism of some of our good friends' daughter, who happens to be Laylah's good friend and who also shares a birthday with me!

That afternoon I got to take a NAP! I didn't have to change any diapers that day, and later, I was showered with fun gifts. Mostly things I had really been wanting and needing and asking for for awhile.
That evening Rachel (who was visiting JUST for my birthday :) stayed home with the kids while Andy and I ate sushi, went shopping, and got to see a movie. Loved it. It was a great day.
The next day we had cake and ice cream. During our date I mentioned that I didn't get any birthday cake on my birthday. Andy exclaimed, "Oh no! I forgot about your birthday cake!" He had hidden it in our fridge in the garage. So we ate it for lunch after church the next day. Good stuff.

What? You don't use a blow-torch to light your birthday candles when you're out of matches??
Here's a really awesome picture of me being a big 28-year-old nerd

Birthday Gift-A-Roos

Hot cocoa maker. Here's the thing-I am addicted to hot chocolate. It's a problem. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. It is A-mazing. I drink hot chocolate no less than 3 times a week now. And the kids ask for it every morning for breakfast because, darn it, it's just so easy and amazing. Did I mention delicious?

I L-O-V-E this game. I need it too, because of all that hot chocolate I'm drinking, remember? It is such a fun game. All the kids love it too. Except, it has a few questionable songs... pretty sure I don't want my kids asking me why a girl is singing about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack... at least it's an awesome, not to mention fun, workout :)

I have been needing a new waffle maker for months. The one Andy and I received for our wedding died about 6 months ago. I love waffles. Our old one was a Belgian waffle maker. It made huge, thick waffles. Growing up we always had a thin waffle maker. I missed the small, thin waffles. So, Andy got me one like that. I love it, it makes way yummy waffles. Except now I kinda miss the Belgian waffles... ha. Whoulda thunk? I guess I need 2 different waffle makers to suit my moods :)
This is not such a great picture. But my amazing sister knows me oh-so-well and got me this darling purse for my birthday. I am seriously in love with it. I'm all about fluff.... so this purse and I get along famously. Plus, it can double as a diaper bag since it's so huge. Love at first sight...
I also got a lot of cash from parents, grandparents, friends, and family. Who doesn't love that? I actually wasn't as selfish as I usually am and I used a lot of it buying new bedspreads for my kids. I finally found some for both the boys and girls that I loved and it pulls their whole rooms together. It makes me happy to see a room come together. So... maybe it was kind of selfish and all about me after all.
Oh well, it was MY birthday.... right? ;)
I love my birthday. It was fun.


Ashlie said...

What a fun birthday!! I am one of those who is going to freak out about being 30 also...totally dreading that. Cocoa maker is amazing we have one and love it.

Shana Smith said...

Yay, what a fun day you had. I want a date night without kids screaming in my ear! I also want a cute purse like yours that can double as my DB. Mine somehow always just looks like a diaper bag! Boo... You look fantastic, did you really just have a baby 4 months ago?! You'd NEVER know..

Chris and Amy Darton said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day- happy bday!

Laney said...

You're only 28?! I'm amazed at all you've done in your 20's. Blaine has wanted one of the hot chocolate makers for a couple of years. I keep saying no because that's all he'd drink!

I'm SO super glad you're part of our family. It seems like you always have been. You just fit so perfectly!

Tara said...

So glad you had a great birthday! I have a hot chocolate maker and I LOVE it. It makes hot chocolate to die for. And I LOVE your purse. Happy Birthday old lady:)