Monday, February 21, 2011

Hearts Hearts Everywhere!

We have had quite the week. Sick, sick, and more sick. Strep throat, ear infections, allergy problems, sinus infections, fevers, and regular old colds, all added to the continual breathing treatments for the babe for that nasty RSV. That's why it's taken me so long to post about our lovely Valentine's Day. And it was quite lovely...

It was such a fun holiday. Andy and I like to celebrate together beforehand and then we make it a family affair the day of. Well, the day we had planned to go out (Saturday) I wasn't feeling real great, so we skipped it. We're going to go out this weekend instead. Even though I adore holidays and I really love Valentine's Day, for me, the day is all about showing my love for my family and spoiling them with mushy stuff. I feel like you shouldn't single out a day where you show your signifigant other just how much you love them. You should do that all the time! Just maybe a little extra on Valentine's!

We started out the day with pink oatmeal (ever since my last pregnancy, I've become addicted! Crazy, eh? Oh, and frozen blueberries mixed into regular oatmeal=pinkish purple :) and the kids had all of their Valentine's ready to go to deliver at their class parties. I had made Laylah and Jonah special "love lunches" to take to school and Baron and Daphne also got one at home.

After school, the kids all went through their Valentine's and told me all about their fun parties. Bear had a playgroup Valentine's party the Wednesday before, so all of his candy he had received was gone, of course. The 3 older kiddos were sweet to divide up a bit of their stash and share with him. Everyone was in the lovey spirit :)

It was such a gorgeous day outside and we all played and rode bikes for a few hours until I realized it was getting late and I hadn't really planned for dinner. Thank goodness for Papa John's Heart Shaped Pizza. Delish. Not to mention cute.

All of my sweet as sugar Valentine's! One of them isn't too happy (probably getting the full effect of all the candy I had been eating that day....)

Valentine's wouldn't be complete without a visit from Cupid! He left us some heart shaped donuts and a funny little Sugar Monster
This little monster sings the song Candy Girl by the Archies. The children L-O-V-E-D it! It was so much fun to watch them dance around for the next 1/2 hour, smiling and giggling. Hilarious.

Here's my Valentine's gift to Andy:

This took forever because I took the photos of myself and I felt like a nerd. I kept deleting them and having to start over. Finally, after about an hour, I gave up and used what I had. I saw this idea somewhere about a month ago. Andy always gets mad when I spend money on him (I do it anyway :) but he really loves it when I do something homemade or really thoughtful instead. And he loves pictures. So I did this. I know, it is totally cheesy, but of course, he loved it. I told him it was for the office to put on his desk so he can look at me all day long and remember how much I adore and love him ;) He said he would, but he wanted a different frame, because the one I gave him was too girly. Haha. Too bad, it's already at the office on his desk :)

I received a delivery in the mail. Traditional flowers. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite things. Andy and I both agree that they are kind of a waste of money even though I love them. It was a treat since Andy only gets me flowers every couple of years or so. They are still sitting on my table and smell glorious. Every once in awhile throughout the day I go and bury my nose in them. Mmmmm.

The next day I got another delivery! A little surprise of chocolate covered strawberries. I love when Andy draws out holidays longer than normal. He knows I love surprises. These strawberries were huge and delicious. I ate half of them before I realized I wanted a picture. Oh, and I didn't share :)

Sweet Valentine's Day! Hope yours was just as great, if not more so...


Miranda @ One Little Minute said...

I think your gift is darling! And the flowers look amazing. I just grabbed some hyacinths at TJ's today (a splurge) and have been sticking my nose in them all day.

paul said...

Fresh flowers

Brittani said...

Who are we kidding Sara you are seriously SUPER MOM!!! I am going to copy so many of the things you do with your kids (hope you don't care, ha ha ha!) The heart shaped sandwiches, and the darling gift from sweet! Also I loved your present to your husband, I may also have to copy that idea!

Amber Kei said...

Way fun! Your first part about ear infections and fevers and colds and sinus, etc, exactly my house and has been for the past 4 weeks. I'm grateful not to have a baby with RSV, but now we're dealing with Paige's first yeast infection...can I just say, not pleasant! Poor thing. I'm so sorry. I TRULY, TRULY feel for you!! Hope it gets better soon. P.S. I wouldn't have shared the strawberries either! ;)

Armstrong said...

Hey Papa John's heart pizza was great huh? We did that same thing since Brad was in bed with Kidney stones for two days and couldn't do our planned fondue party with friends. You are such a cute mom and wife-so thoughtful. Dylan got heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and coolwhip for breakfast and loves it. Holidays are just funner with kids.

Hey I worked last night and took care of some sick twin girls but we have over 50 babies in the nicu and like 6 set of twins. When I work next week I will look for your twin boys.

Take care.

Drea said...

What a fun mommy you are!!