Friday, February 25, 2011

Talkin' Away

I know, I know. You're all thinking "Wow, Sarah has the cutest baby!" Haha, just kidding. But I think he's pretty cute :) It's funny how a mother can sit and watch her baby for hours, but anyone else would be bored to tears. Well, except maybe a grandma. And that's who this is for. My mom and I were on the phone a few days ago and she heard Magnus talking away and mentioned how much she missed him. So, I recorded his "conversation" with himself (he talks to himself in the mirror above his swing) and posted it for her. Enjoy mama!

P.S. M is getting huge. He has his 4 month appointment next week.... update to come! I know, you just cannot wait! ;)

1 comment:

Drea said...

Sarah, I can't believe how cute that is!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when babies talk like that. Xander is doing that now too and I could listen to it all day! I'm so glad you posted the video. Super cute!