Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daphne's Z Week and a Trip to the Zoo

All year long at preschool Daphne has been learning about a new letter every week. All year long her teachers have talked up the letter Z because at the end of the year, and the week they do the letter Z, they get to go on their last field trip of the year to.... you guessed it! The Zoo. They make it a big, fun affair, one-on-one time with mom or dad (the only field trip where no other siblings are allowed), they charter a big bus up to the National Zoo, they watch a movie and have popcorn and it's just so much fun. Daphne had been talking about it for weeks. Andy was the one to take her (they didn't even allow nursing infants, which was why I couldn't go.... luckily, Andy was unemployed at the time (did I say luckily?!) haha ;) and I packed them a special, yummy lunch. It was supposed to be rainy that day, so we had umbrellas packed, raincoats and rainbootes, and everything ready to go. Daph was so excited and I knew she was just going to have the best time. Take a look...

Do you notice her smile getting smaller and smaller and less and less excited? She didn't have the time of her life like she (and I) thought she would. Andy said she was not her usual self at all and kept whining and complaining the whole time, especially about having to walk. He said that once they got back on the bus to go home, she ate a few bites of lunch and then crashed to sleep and slept the entire way home. Andy had texted me and told me how she'd been acting and when they got home, she walked inside crying. I gave her a hug and noticed that she was really warm. I took her temp and she had a fever of 102. I felt really bad that she felt crummy on her fun day and that she didn't have such a great time. Oh well, hopefully her memory will only remember the good parts :)

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Tara said...

So this story is very familiar. I went with Reese last Thursday and by the time we made it back to school she was a sick little girl. Poor things. She looks so cute though in her raincoat and hat.