Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Is Fun

Right? YES! It is!!

We are having a blast here in good old Utah. We got here Tuesday evening after a very uneventful day of travel (on stand-by nonetheless.... and we got on every flight!) where my kids were perfectly behaved and did everything I asked. It was just terrific.

Since then we have already:

-Enjoyed the cooler weather (I am loving the dry heat! No humidity! My hair isn't a 'fro!)
-Gone swimming
-Seen and beautified several hair clients
-Celebrated my dad's 60th! birthday (with more to come)
-Had a campout in the backyard
-Played in the sprinklers and with the slip 'n slide numerous times
-Seen and played with cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles
-Gone to see Cars 2
-Gone shopping (oh my, but how I have missed Utah shopping) and out to eat (And my, how I have missed Utah restaurants!)
-Jumped on the trampoline too many times to count
-Played played and played some more
-Gone to see fireworks at Taylorsville Dayz
-And today we are heading down to St. George for a few days to meet up with my sister Rachel and her clan as well as go boating, maybe see another movie, shop, and also see a show at Tuacahn!

Lots of fun. Too much sometimes :) But it's good and we're having a blast and there is much more to come! I am so excited for next Saturday when my handsome hubsters will be joining us.

I love summer.

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Shana Smith said...

Utah is excited to have you back for a while!! Maybe we will run into each other when I am at my parents during the week!!! Have a fantastic Summer!!