Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back To Reality

Well, we're home! We had such a great, wonderful, exciting, fun-filled, month-long vacation to Utah. I truly wouldn't believe all of the things we squeezed in if I hadn't actually done it myself. Lots and lots of stuff. We took the red-eye flight coming home and we are all just exhausted. Sadie was thrilled to see us and Magnus must have forgotten about her presence in our lives because every time she comes near him, he screams and cries and waves his arms around like a wild man. There is a stack of mail a mile high and SEVEN very large suitcases to unpack. Luckily, I was smart (I love it when I'm smart) and did all of the laundry at my mom's before we came home, so now it just needs to be put away. Hooray! Also, today just happens to be the cutest 7-year old arounds birthday (Jonah :) so I am trying to scrape something together for his special day, poor kid. Luckily it's his turn for a family party this year, so I think we'll manage with his gifts, maybe go out to dinner and swim at the pool. He's easily pleased, so it'll work.

Anywho, just wanted to check-in. If you haven't noticed, I am not a fan of blogging while on vacation, so I have lots and Lots and LOTS of catch-up to do. Like, things from over a month ago. Sheesh.

Also.... can you believe school starts in a MONTH?! Where did summer vacation go?!? I swear my kids just got out. And really.... they go back in a month. I can hardly believe it.

Alright, I've babbled on enough. Time for a nap and some serious un-packing and tidying up!

Have a happy week!

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Shana Smith said...

So excited to hear about the fun Summer vacay, and so glad you are blogging again!!