Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Quick Bit of St. George

My oh my. You ready for this? Alright, you asked for it. Round 2...

Sunday June 26th
I went out of town twice while I was out of town. The first time was to St. George where my parents and grandmother co-own a home. I hadn't ever stayed there seeing as how they bought it last year at the end of my last vacation to Utah. So, we went to spend a few days in the HEAT. We drove down after church and my sister Rachel came up from Vegas. It was a full, happy house.We had a quick drive down. Daphne insisted I take pictures of her, modeling in the landscaping.

Monday June27th

We went to bed before Rachel arrived and the next morning, bright and early, it was COUSIN REUNION! M didn't like us so much, trying to force him and Liam together...
But it was just so funny

I went on a hot and dry 4 mile run. I took some photos along my merry way. This thing above was in someone's yard. Looks like some sort of torture device...?

Pretty ponies

I could smell this tree from 1/2 mile away. Heavenly...

Sometimes the desert is pretty. Most of the time.... it looks yucky

After I got back, the kids were all playing at the playground down the street. We called them to come home and Baron was a straggler. He started his usual pouting and crying and cute Ella ran back and took his hand in hers...

And then he was happy again.

And these two had even warmed up to each other:

So, later that day we decided to check out the new rec center. The pool was amazing. It was enormous and full of fun stuff to do. I barely saw my kids the whole time we were there. I had to beg them to let me take pictures.

I can't even describe how much I love my sissies. We were missing Suzannie, wish she could have come!

And my cute mama relaxin'

Love me some Squish
So does Kaylie.... look at that boy's belly!

Laylah disappeared as soon as we got there. She was off making friends, and generally just being the little fish that she is.

Later that night, after we had gotten lots of exausted kids to bed, us 4 girls headed out to Tuacahn while my dad and grandma stayed home with the kiddos. We saw The Little Mermaid and it was fantastic!

What do you think? Do we look like sisters? Because I think we couldn't look more different!

Tuesday June 28th

The next morning, bright and early, Bear woke up crying that he felt sick and he wanted a piece of cheese. I was so so tired, I got him some and he went and laid back down. Later I went to check on him and found this:
I checked on him a bit later and the cheese was gone. About 1/2 hour after that, I saw the cheese again.... in Bear's throw-up. Gross. Poor kid was dehydrated from spending all day in the heat the day before. We had plans to go boating that day, so my mom and grandma volunteered to stay home with him, as well as the 2 babies, so we could have a fun time.

These kids had some sweet moves

We got some tubing action in

Daphne had to go alone because she is "big"

Beautiful Quail Hollow Reservoir

After our fun day of boating, my mom, Rachel and I went to the St. George Temple to do initiatories, while Kaylie stayed home with our kids. I can't describe the feelings I had there that evening. I hadn't been to the temple since the previous September, and it felt just like heaven being back. It was simply wonderful.

Afterwards we had to go get blizzards at Dairy Queen.

SO. Yummy.

That night I colored Rachel's hair and we stayed up waaaay toooo laaaate, along with Kaylie and chat chat chatted the night away. We did pedicures and massages, and told our deepest darkest secrets. Really, we did. It was fun. I love my sisters.

Wednesday June 29th

We had a busy morning cleaning the house and washing linens and packing up to go back to Salt Lake. My sweet Grandma Darlene took us to lunch at In 'N' Out Burger and afterward we went shopping at the outlets. It was a nightmare, of course, because we had 8 little kids with us. So we headed over to the movie theater and took the kids to Kung Foo Panda 2. They loved it. We finished cleaning and packing and headed home. We had to say goodbye to Rachel for a few days until she came up to Salt Lake a few days later. It was a fun, quick trip.

This kid threw a royal tantrum on the way home (it was his 3rd of the day, at least). He's known for his "fits"... I texted this picture to Andy and he laughed at me. Only 2 more years until Bear is 5.... it has to get better by then, right...? RIGHT...??

My dad and I had so much fun talking all the way home. I love listening to his stories. It stormed most of the way home and by the end we had a double rainbow. Lovely. Too bad all 3 of my youngest kids were crying in the backseat, so I couldn't really enjoy it. They were so tired from our fun-filled trip and all of the kids just crashed that night and slept in until 9 the next morning (seriously, a rarity. My kids never sleep in). It was a great trip. Love me some St. George!

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