Sunday, July 24, 2011

And We're Off...!!

Alrighty! Finally onto our trip to UTAH! I mentioned it before, but we really fit A WHOLE LOT into this trip. Honestly, this will probably be real boring for anyone other than family who might be reading. And there are LOTS of pictures. I'm going to record it like I would in a journal. Just a head's up. Here we go...

Tuesday June 21st

We left bright and early (after I was up all night packing because, you know, I'm a procrastinator like that) to catch our flight. We were flying on stand-by, courtesy of my aunt who works for Jetblue. So very nice of her. She even flew on the red-eye and met us at the airport so she could fly back with us, should I need any help. Like I said, SO nice of her :)

Excited kiddos

We were late for our flight and rush rush rushing. We were on the train that goes through Dulles airport with only about 20 minutes until our flight was supposed to take-off.

That train is fast! And we made it onto our flight. I met up with my aunt just as they called us up as we were walking into the terminal. We got onto the flight and had the entire back row to ourselves. The kids were terrific and we were on our way! My dad and grandma picked us up from the ariport and that night we had take-out from Italian Village.

Best. Pizza. Ever. MmHmm.

Later that night all of my siblings and their families came by. It was so great to see everyone, love on my neices and nephews, laugh, and also meet my new darling neice Piper. My kids were, simply put, in heaven. It was so much fun to be happy and be home.

Wednesday June 22nd

The next day we met up with Laylah's BFF (and my SIL Annette who baby-sits her) at my grandma's pool. We swam and swam. These two girls were in heaven. They were adorable, laughing and squealing like they'd never been apart.

I was being lazy with my camera and didn't take any other pictures of anyone else the rest of the day. Later that night I headed over to my in-laws for dinner and to see everyone there. It was great to see everybody, and once again, love on all of my grown-up neices and nephews. Why do kids have to grow? I don't like it I tell ya...

Thursday June 23rd

This day was a work day for me. I did several client's hair, as well as some family. Before all that though, I enjoyed the gorgeous view in my parents amazing backyard. We would lounge on the deck while the kids would play, and I would snap photos. I have yet to visit a placce that beats summer mornings in Utah. Fabulous.

This kid was just happy as can be.... after a couple of days. The first few days we were there, he would cry at anyone who smiled at him, spoke to him, or anyone who simply glanced his way. He was very shy before our Utah trip.... I think he has overcome that. By the end, he was as friendly as they come, grinning and snuggling with anyone who would pick up the big lug.

I dropped Jonah off at a friend's house and when I got on the freeway to drive home, the mountains suddenly struck me with their majesty. I have often found myself longing for the mountains since moving to VA. I love the beauty of all the trees and greenery, but there really is nothing like the mountains of Utah. And yes, I took this while driving, and yes, a cop pulled up next to me right afterwards. I seriously thought he was going to pull me over..... he didn't :)

That night we celebrated my daddy's 60th birthday! Can I just say, my dad rocks?! Well, he does. I sure do love him :) We had some fabulous cake from the Lion House bakery (chocolate cream-if you haven't tried it, put it on your to-do list) but his real celebration was a couple weeks later. Oh, and yes, those are a box of my nursing pads on the edge of the picture. Awesome.

Friday June 24th

Friday was kind of a down day. My mom went and picked up a slip 'n slide and my SIL Annette came over with my niece Kiersta and the kids she baby-sits, Javis and Kajia (remember? Laylah's BFF? :) and the kids had a blast playing in the backyard for hours. Laylah also had a chance to go out to the barn with my sister, Auntie Kaylie, and ride Luna. She was so ecstatic to ride again.

After some quick showers, Grandma Collette (Andy's mom) came and picked up the kids (minus M) for a sleepover at her house. They had some big plans for a camp-out that night... fun stuff.

That gave my mom and I a chance to go and shop our little hearts out up at the Park City outlets. Magnus was the best little shopper and I felt spoiled rotten getting to spend some time with my mom. She is my hero. I sure love that lady. We found so many cute things. Of course, we ran to grab a quick bite at Cafe Rio. My taste buds thought they had died and gone to heaven. It was fabulous. I had to text Andy the following picture to make him jealous:

He totally was.

My mom and I had such a fun night. Did I mention I really love her a lot? Oh yeah.... well, I do :)

Saturday June 25th

I got to sleep in because the kids were gone. It was marvelous. After a liesurely morning, my mom and I decided to head to Gardner Village for some more shopping and a quick lunch at the Neighborhood Bakery. More yumminess, and more fabulous shopping. I found several cute things for my house. We headed to the Collette's at 12:30 because we were meeting everyone (people from Andy's family, and people from mine) there so we could head over to the movie Cars 2. Magnus stayed with Grandma Collette for a nap. The kids liked the movie, I didn't. It was fun anyway. At least the popcorn was good :)

Later that day the kids threw their swimsuits back on and played in the yard again. I got some more fun shots while relaxing on the deck.

Uh-oh... here comes Bear with the hose!

Aaaaand, there's Daphne

Sweet little Magnus was out after an afternoon nursing session

That evening my brother Nate had invited us to come and watch the fireworks from the Taylorsville Dayz celebration. We love Taylorsville Dayz and they do put on a great show. Nate and Annette even brought us treats!

All of those cute little kiddos. M stayed home with Grandma Claudia to go to bed.

Love love love these guys (PS... after 3 years of trying, lovely Annette is pregnant with baby #2!! We are so thrilled!!)

Sooo, I really do not have a great camera. Plus, I'm a terrible photographer. Every time I would try to catch some awesome fireworks explosion shot, I would miss it.... it got really annoying! Here's the best I got...

Awesome, huh?

It was a super fun night.

Alright, well.... there's the end of week #1. Next up, week #2! I know, I know.... you just can hardly wait! You're on the edge of your seats! Well, I'm going to bed. You'll just have to wait :)

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I know Natalie with NattySueDesigns :) She is my Sister-in-Law's sister and I went to school with her. She is great! Cute post! It was great to see you while you were here!