Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am feeling soooooo lazy these days. It is Hotter than Hades around here lately. My thermometer currently reads 99 degrees.

Yup. 99 degrees. It makes me s.l.o.w and sluggish and gives me a lack in motivation, which, I really need right now. I still haven't replaced the winter clothes in my kids' drawers with summer clothes (I really should be digging those out right now...) and I think Baron is running around outside somewhere with a long sleeved shirt on and some shorts from last summer that are way too small. And I'm sure he's covered in melted popsicle...

Well anyway, here's a little hodgepodge of stuff going on around here. First of all, this cute little dog:
hit her goal weight. If that confuses you, you can read about it HERE. She's healthy as can be now and acts like a puppy entirely too much of the time for my liking. Oh well, we'll keep her. I guess :)

She also just had her 3rd birthday. We gave her a treat cake and she snarfed them up so fast (it's been awhile since she had treats.... her diet, remember? :) that I thought she would puke. Luckily, they didn't make a re-appearance.

Okay, you might need to sit down for this one.... I mean, if you're not already, that would be kind of weird, but just the same.

I planted some flowers.

I'll give you a few seconds to get over your shock....

Are you ready yet? Okay, well then, let me tell the truth. I bought flowers and Andy planted them (that landscaping job 7 years ago did come in handy!)

Alright, back to my flowers :) I had a friend tell me that at Lowe's they have a little "flowers in distress" section (cute way to put it, no?) and all the flowers are 75% off. I have really been wanting to spruce up our yard but it's hard seeing as how we rent and I don't want to waste money on landscaping a place I don't own. Well, I found a bunch of flowers (that didn't seem too bad for being in "distress") and I found a few huge pots, added a couple hanging baskets and a cute place to hang them and voila! A 100% improvement. I really like driving up to my house now and seeing all of the happy, bright colors sitting on my porch and in front of my house. I love flowers.

Cute, right? Okay, well, even if you think they look like pooh, just tell me they're cute :)

And last, but certainly not least, we have this crazy fog. These pictures were taken only a few days ago. Isn't it so weird? I've been getting up at 5:30 to go running (with a friend and also my trusty pup) in the mornings (good thing I pay $65/month for a gym membership....) and last Monday I went out and saw this: It was kinda creepy. It was so thick I could practically chew it. Plus, by the time I finished running, my hair was a huge frizz ball. Yikes.

Not much else has been going on. We've gone swimming a lot since the pool opened. The last day of school is tomorrow and in a week and a half we take off for a looooong vacation to Utah. I can't wait, I am really excited to be lazy and let my mom take care of me :) In other news, Andy's job is going awesome, the kids are just so dang cute and I want to eat them up, and we're all happy and healthy. What a life.... I sure love mine.


Emily said...

You need to come help me with my "landscaping." I'm in the same boat. Not my house so I don't feel like putting any money or energy into it except it'd be nice because it's really my Mom's house. :) agh! The weather is so gross lately, I cannot stand it. I have felt like crap all week and have a constant headache. My mood is not good and I chalk it up to the weather. Anyways, love your bloggy with all your updates and such. I keep waiting to see a post about your awesome piano. Andy showed me pics and I'm super jealous!!! Also, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog the other day! I felt so alone in my blog world, so that was nice!!
We'll sure miss you while you're gone!!

Amber Kei said...

I love your landscaping! Awesome job! When you told how you love driving up and seeing your home...that's exactly how I feel when I actually have flowers planted. Ah, flowers. Tyler always asks if he can pick them for me - to give to me of course because they are so pretty. Yay for summer! P.S. You're awesome going running at 5:30...I used to do that, in another life.

Laney said...

I LOVE the vincas (sp?)! Flowers make it so much happier. I think they all look fab.