Friday, June 3, 2011

A Picnic and Then She Graduated

Ohhh, it came. The last day of preschool, that is. And I am a little ashamed to say that I cried. I never thought I'd be that mom. The one who cries. Such a baby am I.

The last day of preschool consisted of a picnic on the playground. It was lovely and oh-so-fun. Daphne got to play with all of her little friends one last time, there was quite the delicious spread going on, and I got to enjoy all of the other mother's and conversations of "I can't believe these kids are starting kindergarten!..." But it is true. I can't believe it. I can't believe my THIRD child is going into elementary school. It is all quite in-appropriate. Plus, I have just enjoyed this preschool SO MUCH. Have I mentioned that ever? I have? Oh yeah.... well, it is simply wonderful. The teachers, the curriculum, the field trips, scripture stories, the Christ-based teachings... all of it. Just wonderful.

Here's a few pictures of Daphne on her last day of preschool. Some are with friends and some are of her on her favorite places to play at the playground (she directed me how and when to take the pictures :)

Later that evening, we met back at the preschool, in the chapel this time, for the program and graduation ceremony.

At this point, I just had tears leaking out everywhere. Ohhh, my Daphne girl. Why do you have to grow-up and leave me at home all day long in 2 1/2 short months?

These next few pictures are from their program. They mostly sang about God and how he is awesome and all the things he does and creates (it's a Lutheran preschool, remember? :) It was just so darn cute.

Laylah and Jonah were terrific little baby-sitters the whole time so that Andy and I could be picture takers/video-recorders/observers/proud parents. Random side-note:Does that dress on the pregnant gal sitting behind my kids look familiar? Yes, it does. It used to be mine until I gave it to my cute friend there. She's actually had her baby now. She's the one who referred me to theis preschool and I love her for it! She used to be in my ward until she moved away.

Most of these pictures are not the greatest. We were actually really far back even though we got there early. I guess everyone else went ahead and lined up right after the picnic earlier that afternoon (tee hee, just jokin')

They did a song about the creation and Daphne's job was to put the bear up.... she had to do the bear because, "she has a brother named Bear" :)

After all of their cute songs, they went and put their caps on and came back to receive their diploma.

Afterwards Daphne informed me that she was so nervous and had butterflies in her tummy while standing up there on that stage!

She finally noticed me and gave me a smile

Recieveing her diploma from her teacher, Mrs. Wood

Afterwards, they had a little party with cake and treats in the meeting hall. Daphne gave her teacher's some gifts and got one last picture. This is Mrs. Dunn, the "helper" as Daphne liked to call her.

And Mrs. Wood, Daphne's favorite lady. She even invited Mrs. Wood to dinner once and when her teacher told me that, I couldn't stop laughing. I will miss Daphne's teachers and hearing them call her "Daphne Doodle", her preschool nickname.

Mmmm, cake

Cute little Preschool Graduate and Future Kindergartner

With the proud (and SO tired looking) mom and dad.

We love our Daphne Girl! Onto bigger and better things you go...

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