Monday, November 7, 2011

Snead's Farm

A few days before Halloween, we finally found a day where we could head on over to the pumpkin patch and pick out a few pumpkins. We went to Snead's Farm with some dear friends, the Fitzgerald's, and I think from our experience, we will choose to procrastinate every year! There were probably only about 10 other people there, and although there were slim pickings in the pumpkin patch, we found that the price had been reduced to only $3 a pumpkin!

Snead's is a lovely working farm, and incredibly picturesque. It was the perfect day to go, a crisp 65* and it felt wonderful to be out in the lovely autumn air.

We first headed over to the patch to pick out our pumpkins, and also.... to chase the chickens around a bit. Bear wasn't too sure about those chickens. Jonah just liked impersonating them. Magnus wasn't sure what to think. He sure kept a close eye on those chickens though.

Bear is trying to make a quick getaway here. He sees that rooster eyeing him.

Most of the pumpkins were starting to rot, but we were able to find a few acceptable ones.

Jean and me

There are lots of animals to feed and pet, ziplines, barn swings, and playgrounds around the farm. We surely took advantage and quite enjoyed ourselves.
Laylah was the first to try the zipline. She looks a little worried there...

There were these tires to stop you at the end of the line, and depending on your speed, you would flip up pretty high. I wish I had a picture, but when Andy tried it, he almost flipped completely around.

I think I'll join Circe de Solei.... I'm sure they would take me in a heartbeat, no?

Oh yeah, Andy too.

Jonah found a rodent hole in the hayloft and decided to climb into it. We barely got him out before he was inducted into the Rat's Nest.

Baby cries. Which means it's time to go.

Until next year...

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That place looks awesome!