Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So Here I Go... All Alone... By Myself

The kids didn't have school today because of the elections. So, we packed up and headed into DC to visit the National Zoo with some friends. We couldn't have picked a more fabulous day. It was pushing 70*, we didn't even need a jacket, and the animals were all very active because of the perfect weather.

After our "perfect" outing, we headed home in time for dinner, homework, baths, and for me, packing and getting ready to go on my trip (Eeeeee!!!). And let me tell you, this trip cannot come fast enough. After the last couple of weeks, I have just really needed a break. Andy has definitely noticed, because I was planning on taking Magnus with me, and he has insisted that I leave him home so I can go kid-free and completely relax and enjoy myself. It worked out perfectly since Magnus was just weaned a little over a week ago.

I felt kind of guilty and a little sad about leaving Magnus, because I just kept feeling like he was so young and that I would miss him too much. Which got me to thinking... and I realized something. I realized that I had left each and every one of my babies for an extended trip as soon as I had weaned them from breastfeeding. It made me laugh a little, but here's the recap:

Laylah: left her with my mom when she was 9 months old so Andy and I could go on a trip to Las Vegas for the weekend for my 21st birthday.

Jonah: left him with Andy's mom when he was 10 months old so Andy and I could help my sister and her husband move to Vegas. We were gone for about 4 days.

Daphne: left her with my mom when she was a mere 6 months old for 8 days (!!) while Andy and I went to Cancun, Mexico. I actually was in the process of weaning her when the opportunity for this trip came up. I wasn't quit ready to be done, so I brought my pump with me and pumped and dumped the entire trip. When I got back, I don't know if she was mad at me for leaving her or what, but she refused to nurse any longer and stayed on bottles. It made me a little sad. But not that sad :)

Bear: left him with my mom for 5 days while Andy and I went to California/Disneyland for my 26th birthday. He was about 10 months old.

So, now I don't feel so guilty! I mean, Magnus isn't even months old anymore, he's a whole year old! Easy, right? Except I'll still miss my baby boy like crazy, I'm sure (along with everyone else, of course!). Besides, after this evening, I am ready to get outta here! Spilled milk on the carpet during dinner, tantrums during homework, tears during piano practicing, and messes all around me. Mess after mess after mess.... you get the idea. So really, I'm off!

Andrew, my love... have fun with the kiddos, honey pie... oh yes, and I LOVE YOU!


Ashlie said...

You go girl!! I hope you have a great time.

Amber Kei said...

Have a super fun time!! Think of what a happy mommy you'll be when you return!!

Travis and Cristan said...

So excited to see you!!!!! I just hope all of those messes are cleaned up when you get home ;)

Armstrong said...

SO excited for you and hope you have a BLAST! The kids will be just fine...ans so will all of those messes!

wishful nals said...

good for you! getting away is so important. have fun! xo