Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Then, Bear Had To Have His Head Stapled Shut

Well, hey! I'm back from my trip and already experiencing post-vacation depression. My body seems to be on strike as of late, and although I came home to caught-up laundry and a perfectly clean house (thanks my love, you're a peach!) it certainly isn't in that same state any longer. I haven't been feeling very well, and have also started some new medication that has made me a bit ill. I've mostly been lounging around and catching up on some (much needed) sleep. Tomorrow is a new day though, and I vow to whip my house back into shape!

In that same vein, I thought I should start blogging again. I've missed it! Since I'm pretty far behind, I thought I'd start off with something small and quick and easy to document. It's pretty self-explanatory. Bear split his head open. Fun stuff, huh?!

Actually, the details are a little fuzzy. It was the Friday evening before Halloween, Andy and I had deep-cleaned the house from top to bottom (we were having friends over that night, and sometimes I just invite friends over so I can make myself deep clean my house! Ha) when we heard a LOUD thud in the basement followed by some terrifying shrieks. Andrew ran down to see, and from what we could gather, the boys were wrestling on the couch, Jonah tripped and knocked Bear off backwards. Bear slammed his head into the corner, and voila, had a big-nasty-bleeding profusely-gash. That story came from Jonah. Neither of the girls saw what happened, but Bear claims that Jonah threw something at him. We still don't have the story straight. I'll spare you most of the gory details, but let's just say that there was a LOT of blood. I am well aware that head wounds produce a lot of blood, but I really wasn't prepared. Andrew had to take care of it while I scrubbed the carpet (and continued to calm down a hysterical Jonah, who felt terrible).

Anyway, we called around to some urgent cares ( and also made a quick call to my super smart and talented brother Doug, who is a PA at an urgent care in Utah) who recommended the emergency room just because they could only do stitches, and with the description of his wound, they thought he would definitely need staples.

It just so happened to be our ward's trunk-or-treat that evening, so Andy took off with Bear while I got the other kids ready to go and gather some candy. As the story goes, the emergency room was pretty deserted, so they were in and out. They distracted Bear with the TV and the doctor recommended they just go ahead and do it without any numbing agent or anything. They said they had a topical cream, but it didn't really work on the head. They could also give him a numbing shot but told Andrew that it burned so badly that it hurt worse than the actual staples going in.

So, they just went ahead and did it! I'm so glad I wasn't there, I probably would have lost it. After the first staple, Bear turned around and glared at the nurse and said, "Ow!" He went back to the TV and after the second staple he turned around again and said, "Stop it! That hurts!" so she quickly finished up with 3, 4, and 5 and he had started crying right as soon as she finished up. He earned that Happy Meal that Andy had promised him, and they met us at the trunk-or-treat just in time to get some goodies.

He had them in for 10 days, and our pediatrician took them out. All in all, it wasn't too bad! I don't know, maybe Bear would disagree :)


Rachel said...

Oh my word! Poor Bear! That picture is heartbreaking. I can't believe they just stapled his head. I would have lost it, that's for sure. He is so brave.
I am glad he is ok. I am sorry though that you aren't feeling well. You should just regularly lounge around the house and rest. There are worse things than dirty clothes. :)
I am glad you had a fun trip! You deserve it. I am also glad you are back at blogging!

Amber Kei said...

Oh, my goodness! Those screams are what I don't ever want to hear! That and actually take them in to get staples. Glad he's okay...totally freaky!!
I hope you start feeling better soon. I think maybe I have what you have...haha! Just today. Maybe I'll make a resolve to get it together again, but probably not. Glad your trip was fun!