Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts By Yours Truly (2nd EDN.)

It's been awhile since we had a Thursday Thoughts post. Lots of thoughts roll around in my head on a daily basis. Shall I share? Here we go...

-Magnus has dual personalities. Sweet Angel Baby and Child of the Devil Baby. Seriously. We've got a lot of crying/shrieking and temper tantrum throwing up in here. It's brutal. Plus, he is into everything. Everything. That picture above is him, with his socked foot in the dog's water dish. You can see by his face what he thought about having his pants and foot all sogged up. Plus, I had literally gotten him dressed 2 minutes before he did it. This kid sure is giving me a run for my money. Good thing he's #5.... and I'm (sort of) patient now.

-Speaking of the dog... I am sick of her. She bugs me. I think ever since I've had Magnus, I've referred to her like this: "It's like having another kid I have to take care of, but one that I don't even like". And I think she can tell I don't really care for her anymore. She gets into my bathroom trash can and makes a mess. Grrrrr...

-Daphne's birthday is tomorrow. She will be 6 years old! I can still remember, 6 years ago on this day, I was working at AA Alpine Storage, running the office. I took the deposit to the bank that night, and the teller working said to me, "Aren't you having that baby soon?" And I was so excited to tell him that, YES! I AM HAVING THE BABY TOMORROW! I AM GETTING INDUCED IN 13 HOURS! (I probably really was shouting, because I was so excited to not be pregnant anymore.) We hadn't found out what sex the baby was, and it was so exciting to have that baby girl placed into my arms. Born on 1/13 at 1:13. Pretty crazy, am I right?

-My mommy is coming to visit in a week! A week I tell you. And I will have her all to myself. Well, I guess I'll have to share her with my kids, but just a little bit. I have big plans for when she's here. Big plans (you know, like having her help me deep clean my kitchen.... aren't you excited Mom??)

-I got a ticket a few days ago. I didn't realize what the speed limit was, and I was going way over (I was alone, FYI. I never speed with my kids in the car. Unless I'm late. So actually, yeah, I pretty much always speed). When I saw the cop, I slammed on my brakes, but yeah right. I was too late, and I knew it. I thought, "Okay, I can get out of this, I'll just flirt a little..." as I switched my wedding ring to my right hand.... (just kidding, I didn't really do that, but it did cross my mind). I glanced in my side mirror, and of course, a woman got out of the cruiser (I don't know if I could have flirted anyway. Those skills are a little rusty...) She was really nice anyway, and only gave me a ticket for "failure to obey a traffic sign." If she had given me the ticket for speeding, I would have also been charged with reckless driving. Yikes.

I think that's enough of my thoughts for one day. Anyone else care to share? A penny for your thoughts (but not really, I'm not going to use a $.48 stamp just to mail you a penny.)

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