Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter happened this year, but only just. I didn't make it to the store until Saturday, and there were no egg-dying kits left. Luckily I was able to make some dye from food color.

Also, there was nothing left to fill the Easter baskets. I was mortified, and almost in tears wondering what to do. Andy made it to another store at 11:30 PM Saturday night and was able to get enough to fill the kids' baskets.

Sunday morning we were late to church (and I mean really late) and missed nearly all of sacrament meeting, the whole reason for church in the first place.

I wasn't in a very happy mood, and came home and took a 4 hour nap. Instead of our usual Easter feast, we had cereal and apples for dinner.

All in all, it turned out fine. We dyed eggs, the kids found their (barely) filled baskets that the Easter Bunny had hidden, and we watched an Easter show on Sunday to remember why we even celebrate Easter in the first place... Our Saviour Jesus Christ, with which whom we would be lost without.

I wasn't even going to blog about Easter because I felt it was such an awful day. And then I remembered what it's really about and why we celebrate it. Plus, don't you think I'll laugh about it in 10 years?

Well, maybe 20.


Shana Smith said...

Its ok Sarah, most of our Holidays seem to end up this way at our house! I think I try to have everything just perfect and set my sights too high that really its just unrealistic expectations! Everything just blows up! We too missed the beginning of Sacrament meeting, we can never get there on time! Isnt that just Satans mission?! Well he succeeds! Your children were sure beautifully dressed for this lovely holiday though! And sometimes we as Moms just NEED that 4 hour nap. I could use one today!! You are great:)

Dave and Kristin Dirkmaat said...

Your awesome!!! so real!!! This happens so often when you have lots of kids and try so hard to do everything right! The thing I hate the most is trying to get all my kids in a picture now! I barely even got one but then got lucky when the baby finally stopped crying and was happy for an evening picture with the other kids. Everyone's hair was a mess but I love the realness of it! I love your kids picture(totally what life is!!!) Your amazing and don't forget it!

The Jubbs said...

No worries. Ours was pretty pathetic too! I made it to the store Thursday night cause we had an Easter party on Friday that I had to fill eggs for. But we didn't even dye eggs. I didn't feel like it! Luckily my kids are young enough to not notice. And then we had burritos for dinner. Yum! I bought Easter clothes for the kids, but they were all way too big, so they were drowning in them and didn't look so cute, so I didn't even take a picture. But we also watched a movie about Christ and why we celebrate Easter and it all turned out fine! Better luck next year, eh??

Melanie said...

Haha! Thanks for keeping it real! Sorry the day didn't work out for you. But hey, you got a 4 hour nap!