Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grandma And Grandpa For Spring Break

We had some fun visitors for Spring Break last week. Andy's parents came to visit, and we were so happy to have them! The last time they had visited was when Magnus was blessed at 6 weeks old. I'm a bit annoyed at myself because I went through my pictures after they left and realized I didn't take any for the first 3 days they were here. A quick recap of those days: We went out to eat, played at the park, cooked and baked, did haircuts, got ice cream, went shopping, relaxed, watched movies, went for walks, played on the tramp, played a lot of freeze tag and frisbee, and just spent time together.

The day before they had to go home was Baron's birthday, which was such a treat for him to have his grandparents here for his special day. We had planned on going to the beach, but of course, the 85 degree weather decided to leave us for the week, and it was a little chilly. We decided to stay a little closer to home and spent the day at Lake Anna. There is a great beach there, the water was bearable, and the best part? Barely anyone was there. We basically had the beach to ourselves.

We had a fabulous day playing, relaxing, burying people, playing games, eating, and talking. It was a perfect day, which was especially great because Baron couldn't have been happier on his 4th birthday.

Jonah found a fuzzy friend hitching a ride

Magnus did NOT want to leave. I basically dragged him kicking and screaming out of the water, off the beach, and up the hill to the parking lot. People were staring at me and telling me, "Uh, I don't think he wants to go!" Hmmmm, ya think?!?

We spent Saturday morning going to soccer games, and then it was time for them to go. It was sad. By that evening, a couple of the kids started crying saying that they missed grandma and grandpa already. Although living in Virginia is great and we love it, the hardest thing is living away from family. Good thing we are making our yearly trek to Utah in a mere 10 weeks. Can't wait!

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