Friday, March 6, 2015

Daphne's Happy #9

 My little Daphne girl turned 9 years old on January 13th. It was such a fun and happy day. We started it out with her birthday breakfast and one birthday gift which is always an outfit and shoes. She chose french toast roll-ups, sausage, blackberries, hot chocolate and orange juice.

Her favorite candy ever is Hershey's chocolate. She's my chocolate baby through and through. 

Overalls and doc martens! I seriously felt like I was back in the 7th grade when I was buying this gift for her. It will never cease to amaze me that styles are just recycled over and over again.

I had to work on Daphne's birthday so I sent her to school with a specially packed lunch and treats for her class. I got off early so I was home shortly after the kids got home from school and so I could make her birthday dinner. She wanted a roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, sauteed mushrooms, artichokes, and lemonade. Yum, yum! Daphne isn't a fan of cake, so she chose brownies and chocolate ice cream (my chocolate girl for sure!) We had all of her grandparents over  for a little party to celebrate our girl.

Her Grandpa Collette had to stop by for some quick birthday hugs because he had meetings (he's the bishop.)

We let Daphne open her gifts first. She had been asking for a camera for a couple years, and we finally got her a really nice one.  I have about 10 photos just like the one below of her in various stages of excitement and elation. She was thrilled and that is an understatement.
 She also received new roller skates (she had outgrown her old ones), a new soccer ball, a new dress and church shoes (seriously, the girl has grown about 5 inches in the last year and 2 shoe sizes.) She got new cleats (because hers were too small, imagine that) from Grandma Claudia and Papa Bry, a big, soft Frozen themed blanket and money from Gma and Gpa Collette, money from both great grandmas, and money from aunts and uncles.

We sang a Happy Birthday song and ate yummy brownies.

 Make a wish!

We sure love this cute little Daphne girl! Happy 9th birthday, sugar pie!

Daphne at 9:

Our little girly is a light in our home. She is unique and marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn't care what others think, she likes what she likes and does what makes her happy. I love that about her and hope she will always be that way. Daphne is hilarious and goofy and has the funniest laugh ever. She is a typical middle child and likes to complain when she feels life isn't fair or when she she thinks she has been served an injustice. We have lots of chats about how life just isn't fair sometimes. 

Daphne is a terrific student and reader. We just had parent teacher conferences and we found out she reads at a 9th grade level and she can read 217 words per minute. She is above level in every subject and excels in spelling and language arts. She is creative and artsy and loves to draw and write stories. She can usually be found reading some huge book in her room and her favorite series to re-read over and over again is the Laura Ingall's Wilder books. She got the entire series for Christmas.

Daphne loves, loves, loves horses and has been taking riding lessons from my sister Kaylie for a couple years. She dreams about horses and talks about them all the time. She loves to read horse books as well. Daphne's second love is soccer. She is the cutest little tom-boy and rips it up on the soccer field. She has gotten so good at piano as well. She loves to sing, but is unfortunately very tone deaf. That's okay, I still love hearing her little off-key voice singing her little heart out. 

Daph also loves her friends and has a very close little circle of friends at school. They are inseparable. She tells me all about the stories they play at school and it sounds like they all have quit the imaginations. She loves to play outside with the boys in the neighborhood (soccer) or barbies with the girls in the neighborhood. It's quite funny how she just switches back and forth. Daph can get along with anyone and has such a sweet and kind heart.

She loves animals, especially our dog, Sadie and loves to take her for walks while she roller skates. She has gotten really good with kids and already can't wait to start babysitting. She watches Magnus for short periods and he absolutely adores her.

Daphne is a good little eater most of the time, but she can be picky. She doesn't like random things that the rest of my kids like such as cheddar cheese and yogurt. She is the only one who gags at green smoothies and will literally throw up if I try to make her drink it. It drives me a little crazy, but she tries all of the food on her plate, so that's all that matters I guess.

As you can see, I think this little missy is pretty special and we sure love her so very much. We are so lucky to have her special spirit in our family.

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