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February + My Birthday + Valentine's Day = Lover's Month 2015

Oh gosh, February was a very crazy, fun and eventful month. This post has about 500 photos in it and I didn't include our Disneyland trip because on the trip alone I took about 500 photos as well. Well, off I go...

First things first, February is my birthday month! As fate would have it, my first two exams in my physiology class and my stats class were on my birthday. What are the odds? I was not looking forward to it for that day alone. The week was also very busy and Andy and I were working completely opposite schedules, so I didn't even think we would get to go out. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. But, it just so happens that I have a pretty thoughtful and wonderful husband who found someone to switch his evening shift for the night before my birthday.

We spent the evening getting sushi and shopping, two of my favorite things! For that reason alone it was a fabulous and fun birthday.

I have been wanting some new, nicer living room furniture, so we shopped for sofas and accent chairs. We found a sofa that looks so nice in our house and I love it.

We found a few chairs, but I didn't end up getting the one in the photo below. I did, however, get the round ottoman.  I found some other chairs that I love. We also got a new rug. I still have some work to do before the living room all comes together, but I'll post some photos when it's done :)
 It was a wonderful night and I loved spending it with my love.

The next day was my birthday. My kids are always so sweet and run in to my room in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. I had to go take a test that morning, but after that Andy and I went to brunch at The Original Pancake House. They have the BEST pumpkin pancakes ever with real whipped cream. They seriously taste like heaven.

After that I headed to the salon to be pampered. I got my hair and nails done. I went red! I have never been red and it has been a fun change that I really like.

 When I got home from the salon, Andy and the kids surprised me with dinner and cake and Andy had even gone and picked up my new sofa!
 After dinner I had to go and take my other test and then Andy picked me up and we headed to the movies. Oh man, it was such a good birthday. I love celebrating me, haha. Happy #32 to me.

 One of our friends put together a murder mystery dinner and it had a 20's/mobster theme. It was a fun night spent with great friends laughing and trying to act/play our roles. Most of us didn't take it too seriously, but it was fun trying to figure the mystery out.

The ladies

The men

I got to spend a day with my momma for my birthday. We went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. It was so very yummy. Then, of course, we shopped. I found a purse that I just thought I couldn't live without and it was almost half off! I absolutely love it. I also got some new makeup and a darling scarf in mustard, one of my favorite colors. My mom is pretty much the BEST and I love spending time with her. Unfortunately I didn't even think to take a photo of us at lunch, darn it. But, here's my cute new bag:

One Monday for FHE we decided to try ice-skating at the Gallivan Center downtown. We had tried to go for a Christmas activity in December, but it was packed. So we headed back and the night was perfect. The weather was beautiful and hardly cold. We had a fun night.

 Our little Miss Laylah girl is getting so darn grown-up. She got braces and will have them on for the next 2 years or so.

Yay, here come the Valentine's Day celebrations! The 6th grade at our elementary school have a traditional Valentine's Day dance. It's a 50's themed sock-hop and it is the cutest! They have the gym decked out in decorations and all the kids dress up. They dance to 50's music and they even had been learning/practicing 50's dances for the last several weeks at school. There is a big treat table full of sugar cookies, popcorn, nachos, and soda pop. They play 50's games like a hula-hoop contest, bubble-gum blowing contest, and the limbo. Parents are invited to come watch and die at the cuteness of all these tweens.

It is tradition for the mayor of Murray to come. We just got a new mayor a year or so ago. He is great.

Liberty, Katie, and Laylah--BFF's for life!

 Laylah got 2nd place in the hula-hoop contest

 Bunny Hop

All of the girl's were daring each other to get pictures with their crushes. Laylah doesn't really have a crush on any of the boys at her school, but this one cute kid has always had a crush on her. So I got a photo of them together. Hey, he's tall and they'll end up in high school together. You never know-- in 4 years they might be going to a school dance together!

This guy asked to have a photo with Laylah too. He's liked her since we moved here almost 3 years ago. They were going for a "cool, serious" look.

 More dancing 

Katie and Laylah with all of the boys

Limbo! Katie actually won the entire thing.

Laylah and her ladies.
 This cute dance was so fun to watch. I am so glad that Laylah isn't embarrassed to have me there and that she actually likes when I come to her stuff. That is not the case with some of my other kids, so I will definitely take what I can get.

Some of my friends in the ward took me out for my birthday. We went to Waffle love and Straws for treats and drinks. It was so much fun, as usual.

We spent a day prepping for Valentine's Day parties at school. We got mini donuts and put them in tiny bags and taped this cute note to them that says, "Donut" you want to be my Valentine?

And Andy spent many hours constructing Valentine's boxes which seem to get more elaborate and grand every year. Daphne's idea for a piano was the best because when you opened the lid, it played a song.

(don't mind my dirty table ;)

Jonah wanted a toilet. Nice, right? Daphne and Jonah both got first place in their box contests, but I think it was kind of unfair since Andy made the entire things. I'm just glad he enjoys stuff like that. I hate it. I was relieved that Laylah and Baron made their boxes at school.

Since Valentine's Day was on a Saturday this year, the kids had their parties Thursday (there was no school Friday) so we decked them out that day for V-Day. They all had so much fun at school and came home with bunches of candy.

Oh, and February was crazy-warm. I had the sun-roof open for the majority of the month. It was fabulous!

Just a random little photo. My mom used to do a monthly "Grandma Day" with my kids and their cousins when the older ones were little. After we moved away, those kind of faded. We have done tons of fun things since we moved back, but nothing on a regular basis. Now that all of those kids who used to do Grandma Day are older and in school full-time, I have been trying to re-create Grandma Day with the younger group of cousins who aren't in school yet. We went to Jungle Jim's Playland one day and it was pretty darn fun. Until Magnus pooped his pants, that is... hahahaha. The it was time to go home :)

Relaxing with my sweet boys in my bed one morning. I love them so much.

We had to do science projects for the three older kids. Actually, Jonah and Daphne were required because of the classes they are in at school, but Laylah and her friends decided to team up and do a project for fun.

Now, I hate science projects just about more than any other school assignment. They are stupid and a waste of time and should always be optional in my opinion. My kids never learn anything from them, I always do most of the work, and they are just plain useless.

That being said-- here are the projects. Ugh.

A Sticky Situation! By: Jonah

Basically, he wanted to see which gum flavor would last the longest.

The Best Cookie Ever! By: Daphne

One cookie is a normal recipe with green food coloring and the other is a normal recipe except with the added ingredient of blended spinach. Will you be able to tell which cookie has spinach in it?!

 Luckily Laylah and her friends did most of the work at her friend Liberty's house. Their project was to see how dirty phones are and then after cleaning them, to see which cleaner worked the best. They did petri dishes and she thought it was really fun.

Stop Talking Dirty! By: Laylah, Liberty, and Katie

 Friday night before Valentine's Day Andy and I went out. We got take-out from Cheesecake Factory (because it was PACKED and the wait list was 3 hours.People are weird) We ate in our car while watching a movie and talking. It was nice. I had to go to work at 10, so our date didn't last super long. But it was fun none-the-less.

And there were presents, so... win! I got Andy an engraved money clip and truffles.

He made me a card (swoon!) and it said the sweetest things inside. I don't usually keep cards, but this one is definitely a keeper. He also got me my favorite-- the entire series (seasons 1-9) of The King of Queens! This is my all time favorite show. I love Kevin James and would love to meet him some day.

When I got home from work at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning, I made a Valentine's breakfast. Andy and I always celebrate Valentine's Day together on a separate day, and then we celebrate the actual day as a family. Because.... LOVE is the best. The kids all had a little gift from both sets of grandparents next to their plate and a gift from Andy and me in their Valentine's mailboxes on their plate. I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls, sausage, eggs, heart (strawberry) kabobs, and orange juice. After breakfast I went to bed.

I was awakened a couple hours later by a scream and found out Magnus had fallen off the counter and smacked his chin on something. It had a huge split in it, so off to Urgent Care Andy went to get Magnus his 9th set of stitches.

 That evening Cupid came with a gift for the kids! He always doorbell ditches us, that sneaky little guy. Cupcakes and Harry Potter movie. I love Cupid, he's such a cute little naked baby-man.

 We had tickets through Hope Kids to the Monster Truck Rally that night. The kids had never been and they absolutely loved it. It was SOOOOOO loud and luckily a nice lady in front of us gave Magnus some ear plugs. He is so sensitive to noise ever since his surgery, so we probably couldn't have stayed if we didn't have those. The other kids plugged their ears if they needed to. It didn't really bother me, and I got used to it after a little while. Probably because I damaged my hearing, but still.... ;)

 It was a fun night and a fun holiday and a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration.

Two days later we went to Disneyland for a week. But that will definitely be a separate post!

 I got this in my email and just had such a moment of pride. I could technically graduate with a general studies degree! Of course, I still have a ways to go, but it's nice to know my work has paid off.

 This is the funniest. Laylah found out her science fair project moved on to the state competition. I thought it was funny since they had just been doing it for fun.

 Also, we registered Laylah for jr. high! Noooooo.... she's too little! Seriously though, I am tripping out a little.

 Andy and I were able to go see Rainn Wilson, one of our favorite actors from one of our favorite shows The Office. It was a fun night. And he is hilarious.

The Beast died one night while Andy was driving it to work. Just flat out died. He had to be towed home and we thought he was a goner for sure. But, he lives! A new battery has resurrected him and who knows how long this car will last?! Maybe he is invincible...

 And finally, basketball season ended for the boys. They had their last game on the last day of February. Unfortunately, Baron was throw-up sick (AGAIN! Third time in 4 weeks, ugh) so he missed his last game and team photo with his trophy. But it was a fun season and they both learned a lot and they both really like basketball.

 And THAT, my friends, is a February wrap-up. PHEW! I am tired just re-living it through photos. And I haven't even done our Disney trip yet. Soon.... soon.


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