Wednesday, March 4, 2015

January Shenanigans

Boom! January. Aaaaaaaaand, flu season. I had to wear this dumb mask at work for several weeks due to the flu infesting my place of work. Every hall was blocked off from the others and residents were quarantined to their bedroom until it was under control. We actually had a couple people pass away from it. Very sad.

Paul and Cheryl visited Utah for Christmas, but we somehow didn't get to see them until the night before they left because we had been out of town for the majority of Christmas break. It's always good to see our dear friends. We love them.
 With a few days remaining before school started back up, we had to squeeze in as much fun as possible. 

Swimming (and lest you think I only post photos of Magnus, it's only because all of the other kids leave and never come by me for me to take their photo.)

We went sledding on a patchy ice hill, but it was so cold and frozen that it worked perfectly fine for sledding. Plus, we were the only ones there. So, bonus.

I had forgotten how much fun sledding is. We had a blast and on the way home I picked up pizza for the kids and then went out for sushi with Kaylie. Pretty much the perfect evening ;)

Playing with Christmas toys.

My mom's neighbor has an obsession with trains and he invited us all over to see them one day. The kids absolutely loved it. Magnus was in heaven and did not want to leave. He has asked several times when we can go back to the "train house".

And of course it's January.... so New Year's Resolutions. Mine lasted about 3 weeks this year. Right about the time school started back up for me, haha.  I don't know what my deal is. I guess it really is that I don't feel like I have the time to focus on my health while I am doing school and work. But, I will do a separate post all about that soon.

We sold our Maxima. Bye bye car that made weird noises and had no A/C and that I hated driving. I haven't missed you once.

Daphne's soccer team once 2nd place in the fall division for their age group. Way to go girls!

I literally did not take one photo of basketball season (I am so lame) but these two goofballs both played and did really well. They were both on really good teams and both won every game except one. They had a ball (haha, see what I did?) with it this year.

Also, it was Daphne's birthday on the 13th. Separate post to come of my sweet 9 year old lady!

Freshly shaved boy. His bald spots are finally filling in, so I don't know if we will shave him again. We'll see.

Andy and I took the 3 oldest to a parody play called The Hunger Game of Thrones and they all thought it was hilarious. I am loving that my kids are getting older and we can do such fun things with them that we all enjoy.

Jonah played indoor soccer this winter as well. I don't usually brag about my kids (at least, I try not to!). But Jonah has gotten so dang good at soccer. I love watching him, and I used to despise the sport, so that is saying something!

Collette Family Game Night at Andy's sister's house. Andy's family is crazy and fun. I always laugh so hard when we are all together.

Laylah and Jonah got ski passes for Christmas this year. They have only been a couple times (I'm going to take them this weekend!) My parent took them all day one day and they raved about how much fun it was. It makes me so happy that they will have such wonderful memories. And I also love that they enjoy skiing.

These five.... they make me so happy.

Amazing gourmet donuts. I took these to Andy at work. Mostly because I wanted one.

I needed a change with my hair because one day I decided I would die if i kept my hair the way it was for one more minute. SO I decided to go either platinum or deep red. I took a survey to see what people would think looked better and it was just about split down the middle, 50/50. I ended up going red on my birthday. And I LOVE it.

My little Daphne girl is the sweetest thing ever and is always making me things and leaving me notes. I love her.

Andy took Daphne and Baron to a Utah state game.
 They loved every second.

Kaylie and I are doing Ragnar this June with a bunch of my friends in my neighborhood. We ran together one night and it was so much fun. It reminded me of when we were training for our half marathon a couple years ago. I love my seester.

And lastly, we have the Wigington's. I have talked several times on here about a lady (Sara) that I got in touch with shortly after Magnus was diagnosed with Ependymoma. Our dear friends (Dave and Tara Olson) live in their neighborhood and Tara got us in touch with each other. Their son, Teague, was diagnosed with Ependymoma 5 years ago. He hasn't had any recurrences since his surgery and treatment and is doing great. After chatting through Facebook for several months, we decided our families needed to meet! So we headed to their home in Lehi. Sara has been such a source of strength to me through everything with M. I am so thankful for her in my life, and she will remain a lifelong friend. We loved meeting with their family and getting to chat with people who really knew what we had gone through. It was lovely.

Our two little cancer survivors

And the parents who get to go through hell for their children (haha....)

And Sara is really not that short. I am wearing very tall boots :)
And that is a wrap for January 2015. Phew!

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