Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jonah's 6th Grade Promotion

I feel like I am living deja-vu every year as Jonah goes through the same milestones Laylah did the year before. It is kind of weird having your kids just a year apart in school. But I love it!

Jonah had his 6th grade promotion on the last day of May, and just like last year I was in charge of the decorations. However, I didn't find out until a couple days before and we quickly threw something together. Luckily it all turned out lovely and looked terrific.
 We had balloons at each entrance in school colors.
 And a colorful wall of each child graduating.

We had little water bottles and star cookies.

 The kids came in and did their awesome program. The theme was, Oh The Places You'll Go. And it was so sweet. They sang great songs, funny songs, touching songs that made me cry, and read the book by Dr. Suess, each said their part, and finally did the Land Before Time theme song with sign language. Oh man, I can't believe this phase of Jonah's life is over! 
 He's right in the middle with the red frames and blue shirt with yellow tie.

Did a great job saying his part.

And then the principal announced each child and they came forward to claim their graduation certificate, along with shake all of the 6th grade teacher's hands. 

It was so sweet, and so happy and sad all at the same time. Jonah is such a great kid. I love him SO much and can't ever get enough of his hugs and hearing him say, "I love you." I hope that doesn't change as he continues to grow up and he always feels comfortable hugging me anywhere and anytime.

Grandma Claudia was able to come. Grandma Collette was out of town.

Jonah and his best friend for the last 3 years, Josh.

He was embarrassed that I kept snapping photos, haha. I tried to get him to take more pictures with friends, but he was pretty much done.

I did get to sneak one of him with his teacher Miss Peck. Daphne will get to have her next year.
Jonah had such a great last year of elementary. I cannot wait to see how he grows and changes over the next few years. I love you , Jonah! Happy 6th grade graduation!

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