Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Magnus' Preschool Graduation

 My littlest baby boy graduated from preschool at the end of May! Oh my, but it was bittersweet. It was so much fun to watch him and see him do so well as he performed the songs were darling and funny and all of the kids in the class were just so cute. I have the whole thing on video and we have watched it several times and just laughed and laughed.

This is Magnus saying his part, "B is for bumblebee!" and I don't remember the rest of his part, but then they sang the song Taking Home a Baby Bumble Bee.

 Lots of fun and cute dancing and singing.  Magnus' cute little "girlfriend" Braylie is in the far right of this photo. Her family actually lives behind us, and my good friend Marcie is her mom. She found them kissing a couple months ago! Haha!

Time for graduation!

Magnus received his preschool diploma and Miss Karen said that he is the gentle giant in their class and everyone just loves him and wants to be around him because he is so sweet.

After that they did one more crazy, dancing song.

We loved Miss Karen!

Popsicles for a treat.

Mag was so lucky to go to preschool with so many wonderful friends and family! He had several cousins in his class and his best friend and cousin, Liam. 
Mag had a wonderful year at preschool and we can hardly believe he is starting kindergarten in a few short months. Congratulations, Magnus!

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