Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Lovin'

We have been so busy over here loving on summer that I haven't even thought about my blog. But it's time for a little update, even though we are usually dog tired from play, play, playing all day long.

Exhibit A:

Ha! (Don't worry, I asked permission. You have to do that as your kids gets older, so I've learned ;)

So far, since summer has gotten out, all 5 kids have been to Camp Hobe (a camp for cancer kids and their siblings), Laylah has been to dance camp, and Daphne and Jonah have started summer soccer practices. Magnus and Baron just like to play, play, play, and we will be signing up Baron for tackle football next month, and then he'll start practice as well. I still have 'sign up Magnus for swimming lessons' on my to-do list. I just haven't yet gotten around to it. 

So far we have been swimming, gone to the movies, done lots of de-junking (with LOTS more to do! Why is that always the case?!), packed, unpacked, done laundry, and packed again. I'll be doing more of that tonight as we send Jonah off to his first ever Boy Scout camp. He'll be gone for a week and I will miss him! He just got home Friday afternoon from a week away at cancer camp. I feel like all summer long, each weekend, I will be packing up one kid or another for some camp or another. Or, packing our family up for a trip. We leave for Lake Powell in a week and I am SO excited! We all are. We adore Lake Powell. 

I can hardly believe it is July next week and that summer will be half over. It's flying by and I am not ready to go back to school yet. So we are definitely making the most of the time that we have!

Until next time!

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