Friday, July 1, 2016

Last Day of School!

 School's been out now for nearly a month! What?! It's flown by! We had an incredible last day of school full the the brim of celebrations. It also happened to be National Donut Day, so that was pretty cool, too ;)

 These cute kid on their last day of school! Laylah actually skipped out on the last day and went to breakfast with friends instead. Quick crazy story-- I got an email from the principal of her junior high a few weeks before school got out. They had found out about the threat of a shooting planned for the last day of school by a former student. They obviously caught the kid who was planning it, but they put high security measures into place for the remainder of the year such as metal detectors at the entrance, more officers on campus, and no backpacks for the rest of the year. It was pretty scary. But, we decided not to have her go on the last day just because it still made me a bit nervous. So that's why she skipped out. But the other kids went and they always have the most fun award's/last day of school assembly. 

Jonah got a Safety Patrol Award as well as a special award from his teacher (that I forgot to take a photo of)

And Baron got the Reader of the Year Award as well as the Clove Award. The Clove Award is very prestigious and only one child per grade receives it. It is an all around award for academics, attitude, and general achievement. I was so dang proud of my Bear. He received a gift card that went along with it, too!

 Daphne got the Reader of the Year Award last year, so even though her teacher said she is definitely the best reader, she felt like she should give it to another child this year. But I thought Daphne definitely deserved it! This is Daphne with Mrs. Van Beekum.
 Cute Bear and Mrs. Maughan.

I had already taken a photo of Jonah with his teacher at his promotion, hence no picture of Jonah with Ms. Peck.

After the fun awards assembly Laylah, Magnus, and I went and picked up donuts for an after school treat.
 Mag was pretty tired after our fun morning!

One of Jonah's friends' mom's sent me this cute photo of these fun friends after school on the last day. I'm really happy that most of them are going to the same jr. high together, but a few of them will be going to the other one across town (the one that we are SUPPOSED to go to)

After school got out we decided to fore-go our traditional homemade treat lunch for Leatherby's with 50 of our closest friends! Haha. Seriously, though. There were soooo many kids there. Basically our whole neighborhood came and it was a blast. We had two of these super long table set-ups with about 25 people at each table.

After a crazy and chaotic lunch/ice cream at Leatherby's we went swimming at the Smith's house who just got a new pool.  The kids had a blast and the mom's talked about our summer plans.

Afterwards, Andy and I got takeout for dinner and then we headed over tot eh Heath's house for s'mores and games. There was a huge soccer game of kids vs adults and it was hilarious. It was such a great night with friends.

So, as you can see it was a terrific last day of school with accompanying festivities. 
 I cannot say enough how much I just love this neighborhood, my friends, their kids who are my kid's friends, the schools, and this city. I love my life here in Murray so, so much!

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