Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Heeeeyyyyy, what's up?! This is just me... enjoying my Swig cookie while I re-organize and de-junk my entire basement. It was a process. I needed sustenance. But I finished it! One of my many goals that I wanted to accomplish before school started this fall. 

Okay, so, summer is over in 3.5 weeks. I cannot believe it! It has absolutely FLOWN by. This summer has been the best ever. Seriously, the best thing that has happened to me in years. I say that meaning that the last few years have been not as fun and the past few summers have been super-duper busy with work and school. The freedom I have had this summer has been indescribable. I love it! While I am anxious to get back to school and finish up my Bachelor's degree, I am enjoying every single second of my kids, my freedom, and my husband and just being home without much to worry about besides trying to make sure my kids have clean clothes to wear and healthy food to eat. And to make sure we are having FUN! Haha.

I still have a few things I want to accomplish before school starts again, but time is running out! I wanted to clean my ENTIRE kitchen top to bottom and that most definitely has not happened. I also wanted to finish painting the fireplace in my basement. Hasn't happened either. It's about halfway finished. I really just need to suck it up and do it. But we still have 2 more camping trips (one with Andy's family and one with mine-- if we can make them) and also a quick trip to Bear Lake with my sister. We have to go back-to-school shopping, Laylah still has Girl's Camp to go to next week, I have New Student Orientation next week, and Magnus' kindergarten assessment as well, and I need to just get a few more things done around here before we are back into the full swing of things. 

One other thing I wanted to do was completely catch-up on here, but guess what?! I am having issues with my computer again. Ugh, so frustrating. My photos from the entire year are missing. I literally don't even know where they went. Andy is trying to figure it out for me so we can fix the problem and I can get everything caught up.

So, with that... goodbye until that happens!

unless I decide to get on here and write silly posts like this that ramble and do nothing. Woohoo.

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