Saturday, July 16, 2016

Father's Day 2016

 Father's Day was great this year, as usual. I had tried my best to prepare everything before going to Ragnar because I knew I would get home super late on Saturday night and not be able to do anything because I would be exhausted. 

So it works out well that I have a super awesome husband who just happens to be a great father to our incredible kids.... because they all helped make breakfast when I could hardly drag my sore, sore legs out of bed. We had some super delicious breakfast burritos with all the trimmings, opened gifts, and had a lovely morning together.
 These kids sure love their dad.

We had a wonderful Sabbath and afterwords went to visit our own father's (who I always manage to forget to take a picture of, darn it!!) and had fun chatting with each of our families. 

We headed home to eat our roast and potatoes dinner only to find that our swamp cooler  had pooped out and Andy was able to demonstrate just what a wonderful father/husband he is in our family by getting up on the roof to fix it on his day while we ate out on the lawn since it was about 90 degrees in our stifling house. 

I love this man so much. He shows just the right amount of love/discipline to our children. They know how much he loves them, but they are also amazing kids because of his teachings. 
 He plays with them, he wrestles with them, he teaches them (sports, cars, grammar, games, fun) and helps them to be good workers so they will be successful adults. He shows our boys that they can iron, cook and do housework, and the girls that they can mow the lawn, play soccer with the boys, and burp with the best of them. We don't follow typical gender stereotypes in this house and I am so thankful for a husband who shows our children that husband and wife are equal in all they do. I love that they know he will be there for them in their greatest hour of need, as well as the happiest and most exciting times of their lives. He is supportive, helpful, and can think up a mean science experiment for the science fair. There are just so many things that Andy does for our children, and I hope our sons can be half the father he is, and that our daughters marry a man that will support them the way he supports me, their mother. 

I love Andy and each time we had another baby, one of my favorite things has been to see the love and tenderness in which he displays towards our new child. He is a wonderful father. 

Our own dads are pretty amazing as well and I am glad we both had such incredible examples to look to as children. I knew what I wanted in a husband because of my dad, and Andy is a mean cook because of his. They have so many wonderful qualities and have been such wonderful role models in both of our lives. Their kindness, generosity, and love have seen each of us through some hard times in our lives. What would we do without dads? I don't want to know. 

Lastly, I want to share one of my favorite memories of my own daddy. When I was a little girl, probably 3 or 4 years old, I remember the first house I lived in-- it was a brown rambler on Granada Drive and the basement was partially unfinished. In the unfinished portion there was a tire swing hanging from the ceiling studs. I remember waiting until close to dinner time when I knew my dad would be home. I sat at the kitchen counter with my chin on my hands, just waiting for him to walk through the door as my mom prepared dinner. As soon as he would walk in, I would hop off of the bar stool, run to him, and he would swing me up in his arms. I would ask him, "Can you please push me on the swing?' And before he did anything else, he would carry me downstairs, set me on that tire swing, and swing me, swing me, swing me. I remember feeling like I was flying and throwing my head back, squeezing my eyes shut, and laughing. I just love that before he did anything else, he would comply with his little daughter's request and make me so happy for 5 minutes. I love him for that.
Here's my cute dad after we ran the Brain Cancer Awareness 5K

Happy Father's Day!  

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