Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Run to End Brain Cancer

 The month of May is brain cancer awareness month, aka Go Grey in May. Last year was the first year we ran the Brain Cancer Awareness run in Salt Lake City. All of the funds raised go toward research to help find a cure. This year I did our same team name, Team Mighty Magnus, but also added In Loving Memory of Lisa. My dear friend Lisa passed away, as I mentioned in an earlier post, of brain cancer. This run always takes place on Memorial Day and we had so much support this year and it was so great. Last year I think our team raised around $250 and this year we raised nearly $750! I was so proud. My parents came, my brother Doug, and my sister Rachel brought her whole fmaily. We also had some people donate toward our team, as well as had some of Lisa's friends join our team to run in her memory. It was a great turnout and a great morning for a run.

There were fun balloon ladies there and face-painting.
 Magnus gets that little green sticker on his bib to show that he is a fighter and a survivor of this hideous disease.

 Waiting to start. Lots of people showed up, but I would love it SO much if this race got as much attention as the Susan Comen Race for a Cure did.

These boys ready to go!

Aunty Rachel running with Magnus...
 ...and then carrying him, haha

He was ready to run some more!
 He ran with me and with Andy.

And also rode in the stroller with grandma :)

Jonah and Ethan were the fastest.

Laylah cheated and only went around the course once instead of twice ;)


Daphne carrying Ella!

That's Magnus and me way back there!

And Doug, Rachel, and Grandma.

And finally, Papa Bry who had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago :)

Cutest family ever.

And all of my amazing, supportive family.

I was wearing my grey ribbon for May.

So was Laylah.

My parents took us to a super yummy breakfast after the race. 

This tradition is so special to me and is a really big deal. I felt so helpless during Magnus' diagnosis and treatment and this is something I feel like I can do to actually make a difference, even if it's just a small difference. I am so thankful for supportive family and friends who love our Mighty Magnus as much as we do!

You can still donate to our team until the end of June! Click HERE to help us reach our goal and click on Sponsor my Team! Thank you!

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