Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blessing Day

Last Sunday was a wonderful day for our family. Andrew was able to bless our baby Magnus and it was an amazing blessing. It brought me to tears (as usual-I am becoming more and more ridiculous emotionally). We had a good time after church with a delicious dinner of teriyaki steelhead fish and chicken, angel hair alfredo, broccoli, and fruit salad (I forgot the rolls! Darn it). I also made a double chocolate bundt cake along with homemade caramel sauce and whipped cream. Delicious.

We had Andy's parents here for the blessing but we missed everyone else in our families who would have normally attended. I am so grateful Andy's parents could be there. We also got to have Andy's cousin Dan, his wife Meghan, and their kids. They are in our ward (small world, huh? :) and it was nice to have them be able to share our special day too.

I had Andy's mom purchase and bring Magnus' blessing outfit from Utah. It is so darling and it came with a cute little hat that Magnus did NOT enjoy wearing. Andy said it was because he knew he looked goofy in it. I thought it was adorable, but after several attempts at a good picture, I gave up and we took it off.He is really struggling and thrashing around here. haha!

"Take it OFF Mom!"

Finally content after we removed the "goofy" hat. Magnus is laying on the quilt Diane (Andy's mom) made for him.

Daddy and his boy

Grandma and Grandpa Collette

Baron is SUCH a stinker about pictures lately. Seriously.

Our cute lil' fam!

And finally.... the proud parents :)


Emily Horrocks said...

We walked in right as they were about to start the blessing so I pretty much missed it. So bummed.
So happy you were able to have some family be there!!

Ashlie said...

His blessing outfit is super look amazing, and you have the cutest little family.