Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pink Eye....Really?

A few weeks ago I was doing Laylah's hair before school and she said, "Look, my eye looks like it has makeup on it." I glanced at it in the mirror and it was a little red. "Huh," I though. I sent her downstairs to eat breakfast where Andy asked her (I was unaware of this because I was upstairs, remember? :) what was wrong with her eye. I guess she told him it was a little sore and when she had woken up there was a little goop coming out of it (also, remember how she didn't tell ME any of this while I was doing her hair).

Well, off to school she went. We got a call about 10 minutes after school started telling us to come pick her up because she had pink-eye. I was slightly confused, as I have HAD pink eye before and her eye looked nothing like it. It looked like she maybe had a slight infection or cold in her eye or something. They told us she couldn't come back to school until she'd been on antibiotics for 24 hours, which meant she was going to have to miss 2 days of school. I asked her if her eyes itched. "No," she said. I asked if any gunk was coming out of her eye. "No, just a tiny bit this morning,"she said. Well, so far she was missing 2 of the symptoms of pink-eye. Along with no visible evidence except a slightly red rimmed eye. I took her to the doctor later that afternoon and the pediatrician said that it might be pink-eye and gave me a prescription for drops.

I went to pick-up the drops at the pharmacy right after that. The guy rang me up and said "That'll be $91.45." I think I just stood there and stared at him.

"Excuse me?" I said. "You know I have insurance, right?"

"Oh ya, well, sorry, these don't come in a generic and that's how much they cost."

I think I stared at him for another minute before I handed over my flex spending card. I told Andy how much they cost when we got home. He pulled them out of the bag and this is what we saw: A bottle of eye drops barely bigger than a quarter.

"What are they, laced with gold or something?" he asked.
I administered the drops twice a day to both eyes (as directed by the doctor because pink-eye is EXTREMELY contagious and it can easily transfer to the other eye.... as well as other children, adults, etc.) for 7 days and waited several days for another of my kids to wake up with pink-eye.
No one ever did.
What do you think? Pink eye? Or not?
I'm leaning towards the fact that I dropped 90 bucks on a wasted bottle of ridiculously expensive eye drops. But maybe that's just me.
Either way, I'm saving the bottle to sell on eBay for twice what I paid. Think I'll get it? ;)


Rachel said...

Ouch!!! Next time maybe call your Dr and ask for something else instead. Earlier this year Noah got pink eye, then Joel got pink eye, then I got pink eye, then Noah got it again, then Joel got it again. We went through like three bottles of drops, but luckily our bottles only cost us $10.
Just tell yourself that she had a very serious case of it and that your money was very well spent, just think of trying to give drops to everyone in your family for a week. Maybe it was worth it. :)

Emily Horrocks said...

I think you should check on your Rx plan to make sure it wasn't really covered. The pharm tech may have made a mistake, ya just never know. Yikes!