Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disclaimer:Read Ahead At Your Own Risk

I had several posts to catch up on. Okay-more than several. I got really lazy at the end of my pregnancy and I wanted all of these posts for myself (because I will be making my blog a book.... someday), so feel free to skip-it's all just about my kids anyway, nothing really interesting. There are a few funny stories in there-and at least the pictures are cute! :) I don't know how many new posts there are. Maybe 10..... but I'm almost caught up now! Hooray!

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Sarah said...

You may already be doing this but I would save all your posts for your book. My sister in law lost several years worth of posts because blogger freaked out. I love reading about how your family's been doing. I guess I'll have to start a blog before these little ones are born!